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    This thread reminds me of the movie In Time.

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    wouldnt you like to see the world in like 100 years

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    Skelington would die now, though he would preferably die later. Living forever with no chance of passing would be awful.

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    Die right now.

    Preferably while I sleep. If I really wanted to live, I'd ask proof of this via a receipt and a letter showing why I wanted to and if I was up to the task. Saying "but you came first!" is not a good argument to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    How can instant death be considered a neat thing? Life is the big game, and when you die, your out. Life is your time living and being, our playtime, it's all about how we spent this time. "Instant dyring" completely messes with that.
    well I was told a few days ago that people who aren't happy with themselves shouldn't enjoy life. So after using an abacus and a notepad I have come to the conclusion that it would be better that I die right now.

    Plus you act like instant death destroys the space time continuum.

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    Why is this in fun stuff? This isn't fun :C

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwagDaddy View Post
    wouldnt you like to see the world in like 100 years
    I would, but even a trillion years is short-term compared to "forever". Deciding to live forever to be able to see the world in 100 or 1000 years is like deciding to watch every videoclip ever recorded (including with high-speed cameras; including every single failed take in every single movie; including every little bit of recording on every cellphone or digital camera) just so that you can see one of the frames in one of the cilps/movies. That frame is/those 2100's are just so incredibly insignificant and not worth it.
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    If i could live forever i would love it,as a guy with little emotions and realising death is a part of life i can accept people passing but i would use the no pain no death thing to be a kind of superhero to help people out in need and stop bank robberys and the like but after this planet is gone i would enjoy going to new worlds and being there superhero,kind of like the Titans in WoW just less of the ordering of the world,more monitoring it till it expires.

    P.S. As u can tell my imagination is stupidly high,in the over 9000 regions!

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    Probably Live Forever

    Im sure it would be hell in about 100 years time but im too happy with my girlfriend atm to die x]

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    I'd love to live forever it'd be nice...just to see how things would be.

    On a side note was it coincidence that I was listening to "Young Forever" when I found this thread..? Trippy....
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