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    Why are people still pissing and moaning over the annual pass. It's a straight gain to go for it unless you don't want to play WoW. If you don't want to play WoW, don't sign up for it.

    For assumption purposes: $60 (Diablo 3) + 25$ (Tyrael's Charger) = $85. That's OVER a 6-month subscription ($77.94 USD - Six Months Recurring ($12.99 per month)). They even throw in a free beta access. Assuming the length of the beta, lets assume a few months, that's practically getting another free game in itself (another $30-60). Even if you don't care about the mount, you still profit from doing the annual pass just from two free games (most single-player games run their course in at least a month unless you play them sparingly or it has mod/multiplayer support).

    Lets be honest, you're only pissed off because you haven't been told exactly when Diablo 3 or MoP beta access will come out, so you feel like you're wasting money sticking to a game you're bored with. You'd rather play Rift, SWTOR, or etc till these things come out, but you're stuck with this annual pass. If that's the case, you never should've signed up.

    Developers these days are really keen on the "it'll be done when it's done" gimmick when in reality they're just creating superfluous hype for their game. They know when they want to push it out, otherwise you wouldn't have to worry as much about them releasing half-empty, buggy, boring games. "When it's done" is just the new gimmick game companies adopted to sell games. Get used to getting set up for failure. Pre-orders, DLC, and mod-kits pretty much pampered developers into releasing crapware. When people stop pre-ordering and buying DLC, we'll see some better customer care.

    I mean really people, if you can't handle a little math or commitment, don't even bother with marriage.


    But don't get me wrong... I blame Ghostcrawler for most of the fun that got sucked out of the game. He's in charge of classes, the key-fun-factor in the game, and he failed miserably. Waiting whole Xpacs to even attempt anything drastic with a class is just pathetic, especially for a game you pay a subscription for. PTR is just a fucking joke.
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    oh no, Boub mentioned GW2 in the news! Obviously wow is dead now/sarcasm

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    So 1-2 months of closed alpha, 1-2 months of invite alpha, 2-3 months of open beta, and assuming the game has been given a release date 2-3 months before said release. Well we might actually see a raid tier that lasts longer then Icecrown after-all! Look at the bright side D3 might be available by then? That or Heart of the Swarm? No.. no.. who am I kidding those are wishful dreams. Blizzcon 2012 will come before all of those (zing).

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    Friends & Family Alpha has already started, that i can 100% confirm. Don't know where MMO champ is pulling the one-two months away from, surely they know someone in it.

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    Gettin funnier by the minute reading all the people trying to get out of the annual sub.. got your shiny mount and all the rest. Too late, simple as. You walked into blizzards hands as do so many on a monthly basis, look look.. here's some shiny things and such now throw your money at us. By the time you realize its the same ould junk and boring crap its too late.. they haz all your monies. They no longer make games for gamers but for the masses! And to the guy going on about his financial situation, tbh why would you put money into a game if your finical situation could decline so swiftly where you couldn't afford to play a game I mean did you do just like the above and see 'oh shiny things' and auto sign up without even thinking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willis View Post
    No.. no.. who am I kidding those are wishful dreams. Blizzcon 2012 will come before all of those (zing).
    Your wrong - there will be no Blizzcon this year - they just dont have the time for that while they have to release 3 games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drudatz View Post
    Your wrong - there will be no Blizzcon this year - they just dont have the time for that while they have to release 3 games
    I think the sarcasm went over your head. >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rookbird View Post
    Well, either you're wrong or anyone who would know at MMO-Champ actually pays attention to the "D" in "NDA."
    I'm not wrong.

    Even if they don't wanna say anything cause of NDA, lying and saying it's a month or two away wasnt needed.

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    All I can say is HA! to those who doubted the WoW 2 disappearing from peoples battle net accounts meant something was happening with MoP. I should go res the original thread just to mock them.

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