Unification [Terokkar EU]
Recruiting for Dragon Soul Heroic

About Us
<Unification> is an English speaking 25-man guild dedicated to progression on a reasonable schedule. We raid 3 nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday). The guild was formed in late 2009 and over the months and years we've progressed through the latest content in Wrath and Cataclysm. We cleared 12/12H (ICC10), 11/12H (ICC25), 9/13H (Tier 11), 6/7H (Tier 12) and we're currently 6/8H in Dragon Soul with good progress on Spine.

We're a highly active group outside official raid times, with a lot of social activity and 10 man off-night raids going ahead pretty much every week night and at the weekend. We maintain a good balance between raid progression and friendly, mature and social atmosphere. If you're looking for a stable, friendly guild that has its sights set high and the ability to go all the way then Unification is for you.

What We’re Looking For
Recruitment is currently open for the following classes/specs (we would really love to see applications for these classes, good players would be most welcome!)

- Rogue
- Feral Druid (Kitty)
- Warrior
- Shadow Priest
- Mage
- Warlock

Our website has the latest recruitment info and it's possible we're recruiting a class/spec that isn't listed here (best to check the website). The ideal applicant will have exceptional class knowledge and ability, along with a mature positive attitude towards raiding.

In summary we’re looking for raiders who are:

  • Mature, sensible and skilled with a positive/friendly attitude
  • Willing to accept constructive criticism where justified
  • Stable individuals! (no emo!)
  • Able to communicate in English on Ventrilo
  • Reliable! You don’t DC or lag, you have good PC and situational awareness and you’re able to move without affecting performance.
  • Prepared for raid invite 15 minutes before start time with pots if required (flasks and repairs are provided by the guild)

How to Apply
Visit our website: unification.guildlaunch.com and click “Apply to Guild” on the left menu.

Additional Information
Full information about the guild is viewable on our Forums (just click on the “Guild Information” public forum)
Raid times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 2000 RT to 2330 RT

Contact us in-game on EU-Terokkar if you have any questions: Tobie (melee), Inoxi (ranged), Zaite (healing), Enkill (tanks)
Thanks in advance, we look forward to receiving your application!