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    Sage Seer - pve stats gearing

    I wonder what secondary stats are more important for Sage healer pve

    Alacrity Rating
    Critical Rating
    or Power
    is a alacrity score that must be reach
    same for crit
    is Power prefer for single target heal?

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    For PvE

    Alacrity OR critical rating both are pretty much equal.
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    For a sage pve healer.

    Crit (20%) > Surge > Power > Alacrity

    The crit is for the proc for a free noble sacrifice from using healing trance. Surge increases your heals for healing trance, rejuv and salvation. Power improves all spell stats.

    Alacrity is poop for PVE has your spells are more faster, meaning that you will use more force... this is a pvp stat.

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