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    tranq question

    Instead of making it where everytime i tranq and it says it in raid, how can i make it so it says it in /say?

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    Well, it would help if we knew what Addon/macro you used to announce your Tranq shot use.

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    tbh i think it came with the ElvUi addon because when i turned the addon off it wasn't doing it but when on it was

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    if you don't spam it just do

    #showtooltip Tranquilizing shot
    /say Tranquilizing %t
    /cast tranquilizing shot

    if you click it multiple times in a GCD it will just spam say chat but else it should work fine

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    Why would you want tranq shot to be announced?

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    Might answer your question if it is tied to ElvUi. It only states how to turn it off but there may be more options to change it in the combat config.
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    Don't spam /say for unimportant stuff like tranqing; It blocks space you need on bosses for important things like trapwarnings (LK) via /say chatbubble.

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    type /ec in game to bring up Elv Ui config. The first screen you see will be the general section. Towards the top in the middle there is a dropdown menu where you can pick where the message is displayed.

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    Honestly, I just think it's incredibly annoying with people shouting all over the chat when they use an ability, bar from the tanks and possibly healers.

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