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    Nov 2009
    nvm edit out
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    Oct 2009
    somewhere in the desert
    EU - Frostwolf German (Horde)
    LF Challenge Modes
    Time: for the next 2 weeks anytime
    Battletag: TaftvaLue#2208
    Experience: Jade Temple Gold cleared, I know the others from video guides
    flask,buff food, invisibility pots - got plenty of those
    Frost Mage (find my armory link in my signature)
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    US - Alliance
    LF Challenge Modes
    Time: Anytime over the next month or 2.
    Battletag: Elliot#1257
    Experience: 8/8 Heroic DS pre-MoP.
    Flask, Food, Invisibility pots
    Holy Pally. PM me on the site.

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    Name: Arkízne
    Region/Faction: EU-Alliance
    Realm: Ghostlands
    Class: Deathknight
    Specc: Frost
    XP: 5/9 Gold, know the remaining 4 exactly ~ SH,MSP,Siege & Shadopan.
    Goal: Gold experienced/capable group or players only pls.

    Btag: arkiZne#2865 add if you have more or less full group with gold exp, or any gold exp players!

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    EU Horde

    Looking for a good ranged DPS. Currently we've practiced in pugs with 3 of the ppl playing, where we are around 1-2 minutes from gold times.

    We feel quite confident in this, if we get a good ranged.

    Hoffnourish, Shattered Hand

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    Mar 2009
    The land of ports
    Us Alliance
    Lf heroic ds/fl/challenge modes
    13/13h 7/7h 8/8h before next tier besides council, 8/16h for mop
    Can buy any mats
    Fury warrior

    Very bored.

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    494 monk tank, 9/9 gold on 4 toons, LF CM runs for Top US times. Interested in 9/9 players only. (Also doing carries, pst for more info) Trytofail#1943

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    Region / Faction: EU- english horde
    Instance: challenge modes
    Time: Iam available almost any time(unemployed)
    Contact Info: battletag: drnasty#2855
    Description: Iam a shadow priest with 3 golds and 1 silver and i want to finish 9/9 gold, my guilds interest in challenge modes could be higher to say the least. If it matters i have 13/16 H with my guild.
    Date Posted: 2013-01-11

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    Region / Faction: EU-english Alliance
    Instance: Challenge modes
    Time: Weekends & wednesday all day, monday/thursday from 17.00 to 00.00 and tuesdays/friday from 15.00 till whenever.
    Contact Info: Aesthetics#1639
    Description: I'm a retribution paladin with 2 silver medals. I want to go for 9/9 gold but theirs a lack of interest for challenge modes in my guild, I have consumables ready and a working mic.
    For armory just search for Aesthetics on the maelstrom.
    Date Posted: 2013-01-12

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    Region / Faction: US-Alliance
    Instance: N/A
    Time: As soon as enough people are available, likely after 8pm PST
    Contact Info: Jaymz#1968
    Description: This will actually be to kill Warlord Bloodhilt in Krasarang for the quest, A Change of Command. This is the followup to earning 6k valor for the legendary quest.
    Date Posted: Jan 13, 2013
    Warlock Soloing & Progress | FC: 4141-3143-3405 | Metang, Mawile, and Klefki

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    Region / Faction: US OCEANIC Horde
    Instance: All Gold Challenge Modes
    Time: To be determined as a group most likely a good long, hard session once every weekend, so a friday or saturday night
    Contact Info: My battletag is cyclops#1315
    Description: We are looking for 1 HUNTER, 1 BOOMKIN and 1 Disc PRIEST (i can be be convinced otherwise, make your case)

    We will require the following from you:

    *Excellent class knowledge and experience

    *Vent or Mumble, a mic and you MUST use it

    *Flasks, pots, food - this includes invis pots as we cannot trade cross realm

    *The patience to wipe over and over, and we will reset the encounter as soon as we realise we messed something up

    *A lot of time per session

    The way we do it is to run the one dungeon over and over until we have the gold of it, we will not get all silvers and come back.

    Date Posted: January the 16th 2013
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    Region / Faction: US - Alliance - Turalyon
    Instance: Challenge Modes
    Time: Most evenings. Raid Tues/Thurs
    Contact Info: Prizefighter#1911
    Description: 494 (For Reference) Resto Shaman, Full consumables, #1 US/# 2 World Strict 10s during WotLK, M'uru pre nerf, current 10 man exp is 4/16h, One silver mode under my belt
    Date Posted: 1/16/2013

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    Region / Faction: US-Alliance
    Instance: N/A
    Time: Whenever I can get 5+ people to try it.
    Contact Info: Episode#1848
    Description: Completing the quest 'A Change of Command' to kill Warlord Bloodhilt in Krasarang Wilds. This is one of the quests after 'A Test of Valor' is completed.
    Date Posted: Jan 17, 2013

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    Region/Faction : Eu-Horde
    Instance : Challenge Modes
    Time : Whenever
    Contact info : Canoodle#2839
    Description : 499ilvl Holy pal looking for a group for all challenge modes.
    8/16h atm
    Flasks/food/pots/invi pots ok
    I know most strats from videos mostly

    Date posted: Jan 22, 2013

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    Region/faction: EU alliance
    Instance: Challenge mode
    Time: Mon - Friday any time up to 19:00, Saturday I'm free all day all night
    Contact info: ErlendThue#1645
    Description: Demonology warlock/Hunter/Rogue LF Challenge modes. I got 2 golds on my warlock, went with some friends and 1 shot both in reasonable time. Reason we aren't doing more is because we're in different guilds with different raid times so we never get time to get anything done. I got consumeables, a mic, I'm vocal, speak 4 languages and I know every tactic for every challenge mode.
    Here you see some of my WoL ranks, WoL links included on the site.

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    Region / Faction: US Horde
    Instance: Shado-Pan Monastery Challenge Mode
    Time: 3:30pm - 6:30pm EST or Weekends ( willing to work out times )
    Contact Info: PM me for Real ID or Battletag
    Description: I am looking to get gold for Shado-Pan Monastery to finish the last part of the Shado-Master Achievment
    Date Posted: Jan 22, 2013

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    Region / Faction: US // Alliance
    Instance: Challenge Mode Heroics // TP Double Jeopardy // BFG Jugger Not // SSM My Diamonds Your Rust
    Time: I raid Sunday - Wednesday 1930-2330EST, I'll let you know if I can't otherwise
    Contact Info: PM // RealID (alexlol#1196)
    Description: I'd like to get these out of the way, and I'm not going to leave after wiping a few times, fury is very versatile for CM w/ its high AE damage and burst. PVP ones are self explanatory, follow the strategy and win it that way with a competent premade.
    Date Posted: 1/22/13
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    <The Horsemen> US25 - Shadowmoon US - 14/14 25H
    "Just play the game"
    CPU: i5 2500k @3.3Ghz; GPU: MSi GTX560Ti Twin Frozr II
    RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance; MB: MSi Z68-G45 G3

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    Jul 2011
    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM (All)
    Time: As long as it ain't Wednesday/Thursday 1900-2300
    Contact Info: Pm me with some general info and we can talk
    Description: Playing DPS dk 509ilvl - 16/16HC
    Date Posted: Jan 25

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
    MY DK - "Stand in the fire, DPS higher!"

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    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM (All)
    Time: Whenever except for 20-23.30 on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday
    Contact Info: #sebeke2509 is my battle tag. Feel free to add me if you want to talk.
    Description: I'm frostmage 497 Ilvl 8/16 HC clear and have done all Chall modes on silver allready so know tacts for most!
    Date Posted: Jan 26

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    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM
    Time: We'll agree on times
    Contact Info: Add me ingame and we'll have a talk, Sonurus#2866
    Description: We are looking for a group to put up some good times in challenge modes. We are all 9/9 gold experienced so far, and we are looking for people with the same experience. We might be ok if you have only done a few golds or so, but we're not looking to boost you to the transmog so be prepared to put some time in to get a time better than just the gold time. Contact me if you're interested in putting up some decent times.
    Date Posted: Jan 27

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