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    Looking to complete

    One Man's Army (golden lotus)
    General Temuja
    Gaohun the Soul-Server


    Over Their Heads (klaxxi bombing quest)
    Essence of Dread

    US Horde, Please PM

    TY in advance

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    Looking to Complete

    Over their heads
    Is Another Mans......
    Need Sydow for vale chieve

    On a low pop realm which will make it easier for you to find rares.

    Battletag: Paladiraan#1527

    jus add me with note as to why, ty in advance

    US Horde

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    Sydney, Australia
    Anyone got General Temuja up on EU-Horde? Please add me, Cyberbengan#2943

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    One Many Army cheevo

    I need:
    Baolai the Immolator


    rashnau#1270, just indicate what you are adding me for, thanks

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    As it has been said a couple of times now, the website OpenRaid has my utmost seal of approval!

    Back in Cata i completed my FL legendary staff with people from there, did half of my Shadowmourne, organized some HK farming groups, and much more. if you play in american realms and if you play, you guessed it, in european realms.

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    Looking to finish One Man Army. Need Shadowmaster Sydow.

    I'm on US-Zul'jin, battletag is Kinvalar#1152. Happy to check my server for things that might not be up on yours if I can get this awful achievement done.

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    Happy to help people finish "Is Another Man's Treasure"

    Eu-Horde - Drayarr#2240
    Add note saying what you are adding me for so i know
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    Looking for a group to do

    Im a rogue with 500ilvl

    could possibly also heal on my alt

    throw me a pm if you are looking for a dps or healer to compleed it.

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    Looking to finish the T11 normal achies for the meta

    Got a monk (dps), dk (tank) and warlock

    Aliance EU
    i7 4790k @ 4.7 / Noctua nh d-14 / MSI Z97S SLI Krait / MSI GTX 970

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    Looking for one man army darkspear

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    Top holy paladin looking for challenge mode gold runs

    Region / Faction: US Horde
    Instance: Challenge Modes
    Time: Anytime not during raids
    Contact Info: jukejams#1438
    Description: 12/16H holy palading looking to finish out the challenge mode gold runs.

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    that's gearing then doing it. EU Horde

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    LFG Challenge modes EU Alliance

    Can play warlock or rogue. Both are geared with 4 set and jade spirit/double dancing steel.

    Got silver exp on all first month of MoP without any preparation or planning. I know all the gold tactics from youtube but never attempted as I don't have a group thats willing to go on my realm.

    I'm currently 12/16 25 man HC experienced and a skilled player ready with consumeables and I got time to spend to get this done. I got a mic and speak fluent english and can use all sorts of voice comm programs.

    My lock main
    My rogue alt

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    LFG Cleaning Up Achievement.
    iLevel 483 Frost Mage, US Horde. Add on Battletag: Tony#11919 if interested.

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    with makine thru private message.

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    LF anyone from a low pop EU realm, such as Sporregar, Hakkar, Karazhan etc. to give an occasional invite to their realm to check for treasure spawns.

    I play on Sylvanas, Horde side. PM your battle tag if you are willing to help out, or need help with something.
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    Eu- twisting nether paladin looking for a low/medium populated realm for The relic hunter title. Need only 2 relics

    -> Dinaautumn#2448 <-

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    US - Realms

    Looking to complete Glory of the Pandaria Hero *5man*

    Can offer solid dps, attitude, and vent.
    8600K @ 4.8 | NH-D15 | ASRock z370 Extreme4 | 1080 Strix | 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 | Samsung 830 Pro 256GB SSD | 1TB WD CB | EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 | Sound Blaster Zx | Phanteks Enthoo Pro M (TG) | Logitech G900 | Logitech G810 | Sennheiser PC320 + HD419 | ViewSonic XG2703-GS

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    Holy Paladin LF an EU grp to finish off the 3 challenge modes i need, you can check the list here:
    Would b best if its doable in the weekends or after 00.00 (when im done raiding).
    Can perhaps bring a sick warrior dps with me (Halesgrim, same realm as i am).

    PM if interested.

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    Anyone on EU looking for rare battle pets can add me, I play on CoA. A medium pop server with a low number of pet farmers. PM for Battletag.

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