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    Dodging/action combat in an mmo
    and f2p(b2p)
    "Can you truly help someone so intent on being stupid?"
    - Hawke

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    Don't claim that you'll like it till you actually get to play it.

    Just get a look at the past and you¡ll understand what i mean

    Sure it look really good.. but just wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    It is a tricky language.
    Never had any real problem with it But when I'm tired... haha, you know the story I guess :P

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    Balanced PvP
    Happy game
    Good devs

    And happy game.

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    yep its gonne be pure free awesomeness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    Balanced PvP
    Happy game
    Good devs

    And happy game.
    Balanced PvP? Lol.

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    Pretty much everything you listed OP. The things that stand out the most to me are the combat system and the no trinity system as well.

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    The lack of a holy trinity, honestly. Somewhat related, as a result, is the active combat style that embraces personal responsibility. It was the main selling point for me, so then I started looking more into what the game offers and it just started looking better and better.
    I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.

    If you give in to your impulses in this world, the price is that it changes your personality in the real world. The player and character are one and the same.

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    1. Character Customization.
    2. 80 levels of adventure.
    3. 8 professions at launch.
    4. Good crafting.
    5. In depth fighting, not just button mashing.
    6. Dynamic Events.
    7. Scale of the world.
    8. PvP.
    9. Quality Graphics.
    10. Great company support.

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    The Art, Animations, Questing, Free to play.
    Howay the lads!

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    To me it very much embodies some of the ideas and concepts I most enjoyed from past MMO’s and adds some new twists to them and packages them into a state of the art game.
    I’ve seen so many positives in the videos and so few negatives that I can’t help but be very encouraged about this being the right MMO for me. As for the OP, all those and more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsumata View Post
    Balanced PvP? Lol.
    What about it? Guild Wars has more balanced PvP than the PvP in WoW has ever been.

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    Everything. But main points for me was:
    1. B2P
    2. No trinity.
    3. JUMPING
    4. Awesome mages-elementalists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    What about it? Guild Wars has more balanced PvP than the PvP in WoW has ever been.
    Your making an uninformed assumption. Guild Wars isn't Guild Wars 2 by any means. It will*entirely*different balancing a new system so epect bumps in the road is all I am saying.

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    Great Graphics. Awesome professions. Multiple races. Detailed CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION! Large scale PvP. Dynamic Events. Good crafting skills. Excellent Dungeons. Fantastic weapons and armor abilities. Last but not least free to play, but I must admit that I will drop a lot of money (thousands) in appreciation of a good game and buy out everything they throw into their store over the course of my gaming.

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    -Level scaling is very promising to me. My bf has alot more playing time and so to play togather, our options starting out in a new game were to have him "save" a toon from leveling in order to play with my lower level toon, (no fun for him) or have him go to areas that were level appropriate for me, but too low to make it worthwhile for him (again no fun). So we are pretty excited that the scaling will hopefully make this a non issue.
    -Getting my own gathering nodes! (no more trying to farm mats at 5 am before the bots are out Woot)
    -Beautiful enviroments. (cartoony style, been there, done that, no ty)

    Just to name a few things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    I'm going off of the premise that NOTHING is original.
    Hehe. Do mean to suggest this is a negative or the lesser?

    I am of the opinion, and this is a bit of art talk, forgive me- originality is second to creativity. Or for example, refinement of a non-trinity class system in GW2 is no lesser because the concept was seen elsewhere.

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    1. It's not WoW
    2. No dedicated healers/tanks means everyone watches themselves rather than having a healer hold your hand. Weeds out the bads, which is good.
    3. Less skills for each character, except Ele's, compared to WoW. Makes fine tuning easier.
    4. Gear is the "same ilvl" for everyone in structured PvP.
    5. Weapon swapping mechanic. As someone who played a warrior in WoW, I'm glad GW2 added this since WoW doesn't give a shit about adding depth/skill to the warrior class.

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    Can't say I've seen anything revolutionary (although there are many systems they are improving from different games), but there are many things that are promising:
    -Glad they are making the game more skill based instead of entirely base on gear.
    -Bringing the social aspect of MMOs back through DE's, sidekick system and WvW(sounds like it will make you want to work together for the great good of the server)
    If done right GW2 could/should change the MMO market drastically, developers will be forced to step their game up to compete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vilereaver41 View Post
    IMHO. The fact that it's free to play after buying the box is the at the top of everyone's list. but im going to list all mine hehe.

    1. F2P -B2p.

    2. W.v.W.v.W

    3. Awesome Looking Character's and animations not to mention Combining attacks

    4. No Holy Trinity. To an extent Don't chew me out for that.

    5. Massive Scale Dynamic Event's and World Progression.

    6. A beautiful Unique Art Style

    7. a near Perfect blending of fantasy Yet Sci-fi in one - Aura Golem's and such

    8. They Specifically Stated they dont plan on competing with wow. we all know how many MMO'S have died with those words

    9. The Combat System For example Dodging an attack Gives that Realistic Feeling and Makes you work for a kill instead of Mashing 1 2 5 button's all the time.

    10. I like the Simple yet advanced Personal Story they implemented Makes me feel like the MMO Is Made just for me.

    11. Possible to get 80 without help?. even more of a feeling that makes it seem like that game was made for me.

    12. In the Press beta's and Demo's and other Game play Video's iv seen Teamwork from people just coming to help you out for the hell of it.

    I have many more but im just listing a few. What makes it Revolutionary for you
    Honestly the main thing is dynamic events that look done right, its not the first game that has done dynamic content, but it looks like it may be the first to polish it out to where it feels natural and has a sense of progression or regression. But I don't think you are using the word revolutionary right.

    1. Its nice but not revolutionary, GW1 was the exact same and that came out seven years ago, so not really any thing revolutionary about that.

    2. Again nice, and the teaming structure may be something not done before, but massive seige battles are not new so only revolutionary part about that is bringing server community together and not the actual WvWvW itself.

    3. Subjective and again nothing new, Mario 64 looked awesome for its time, any game on Game Gear looked awesome for its time, but its still subjective.

    4. Again not revolutionary but a nice feature none the less.

    5. Ill give you the world progression part as being right in a MMO setting, not revolutionary to gaming, but is to the genre.

    6. Subjective, and again not revolutionary.

    7. Again subjective and not really revolutionary.

    8. Umm your statement itself states that even you don't think thats revolutionary.

    9. Again not revolutionary to games, but not used often in the MMO market, though not to the scale of GW2 there was several things you could dodge roll away from to avoid damage in DCUO, yes projectiles where homing, but like I said not to the scale of GW2 but not nonexistent even in the MMO market.

    10. Again not revolutionary to gaming and not brand new to MMOs either ToR already did this, yes its fairly new but its not revolutionary anymore (maybe was for MMOs at the start of development so Ill give you a 1/2 point for that) is the point.

    11. That is in no means revolutionary and also not necessarily a good thing (not bad either but not good). You have been able (and almost forced to if you don't have friends playing with you) to level from 1 to level cap in WoW solo since mid TBC when they removed elites from the open world. ToR is also very much a single player game in the same sense of being able to play through your entire story to cap solo. The problem with this model is that it normally means making the content so easy that the dumbest of people can handle it which means people who want a challenge and know what they are doing can just faceroll the content. But it does look like the model here promotes more group play without forcing it with the side kicking system you shouldn't get as many "ghost town" zones because everyone is on their main and they have no reason to go to that level zone.

    12. If you reword that to saying "You don't get penalized for helping others" I would agree that may be the right term in that case, and by that I mean If person A "tags" world boss x in most (if not all) MMOs so far you and your group just stand there and laugh when he dies and then once the mob untags you go attack it so that your group can get the loot, while as here you don't have to wait and let the person die to get rewards of loot and money for killing world boss x, you jump in right away.

    The definition of revolutionary is "pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change", which most of your points are not. Had you broken down your points from just "(misuse) of revolutionary" and "promising" to "revolutionary" "high selling point" and "promising" it would have been better taken. Flashy graphics is not revolutionary because if that where the case then every game made since the text based games would be considered revolutionary because at the time any game is released someone somewhere thinks that they are flashy graphics for the time.

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