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    Holy Priest Spirit

    As of right now, I have heard that a disc priest should sit between 1800-2400 spirit. What about a holy though? I want to reforge as much spirit away as I can manage to increase my throughput, but I don't want to mana-starve myself either. So what do you guys sit at in holy? (I know I can test it myself, but I am mostly healing disc and haven't had time to really play with holy).

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    Spirit is a throughput stat for Holy, reforging out of it will leave you more mana restrained which leads to more frugal healing. Typically, as you gear upgrades you are doing progressively harder content so there is always a want/need for more of the stuff. Case in point, heroic spine requires an obscene amount of it. You always want more Spirit as Holy. There's no soft cap, as long as the mana gets utilized.

    If you want to optimize your gear and plan on using both specs for raiding, I'd suggest utilizing your trinket slots to control the big combat regen pendulum. That and possibly 3-4 pieces of spare gear you can swap in. Like spiritless shoulders or something.

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    Im currently running with 3200 spirit, and i dont feel like i got too much, i still want more spirit

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    There really isn't a ceiling for holy, though for the first 6 you can probably feel comfortable reforging around 2.8-3.2k. For spine and madness you really shouldn't reforge out of spirit at all.

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    For Spine Heroic and Madness Heroic I had to switch to all int/spirit epic gems and wear double spirit trinkets.

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    Alot of priests i know have 2500-3500 spirit, this is disc and holy. Ofc trinkets and proc that give temp spirit will mean you can drop it lower. always base spirit on how your mana lasts in fights.

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    Regen is really what you make out of it. Some holypriests are happy casting a heal every forthnight and let the tank live on rolling renews.
    Other priests spam greater heals all night long and scream about lack of mana regen options (cue me). Your regen needs ultimate come down to how much you cast and which spells you tend to use. Different playstyles need different amounts, and there is no correct answer here.

    If you feel constrained by mana on many fights, you probably need more regen. Spirit is really not a major contributor, but every drop of mana helps, and every drop of mana helps progressively more as you get closer to being self-sustained. I can heartily recommend two regen trinkets, liberal abuse of manapots, rerolling to blood elf, befriending druids and make sure to get plenty of gear upgrades and so on.

    If you feel like you never dent your blue bar, you probably have too much regen. But I've yet to meet a holypriest who cannot utilize that mana by just abusing Serendipity more. Themos is really correct here; spirit is a throughput stat for Holy. Get as much as you can, there is no limit. Especially not on spine
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    As much spirit as you can possibly get without regen capping. I heal with a shaman - mana tide is most OP for holy priest and hpala. I carry 3400 spirit and HoU (read: 4250 spirit), and even with 2 or more mana tides per fight I want more spirit.

    If you are mana limited, spirit gives you more additional total healing done than any other secondary stat. That's for short fights. For long fights where you're mana limited, spirit gives you more total healing done than even int. Have you noticed top tier holy priests putting purple gems in red sockets, blue gems in blue sockets, wearing the dagger instead of maw, and enchanting heartsong+darkglow? This is why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    Have you noticed top tier holy priests putting purple gems in red sockets, blue gems in blue sockets, wearing the dagger instead of maw, and enchanting heartsong+darkglow? This is why.
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    I run with about 1,6k-1,7k spirit as disc on heroic encounters and I am at 4/8.-

    When I go holy I got 3696 spirit before stacking the lfr heart. And I still want more.

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    I sit around 2.9k spirit as Holy (not including my LFR HoU). Frankly, I would never dare to go much lower than that. Every time I accidentally forget to swap out of my 1.6k spirit Shadow gear and heal, I cry many tears.

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    My guild is only doing DS10 normal at the moment, and most of my gear is the HoT heroics gear, but even with this i still find i have more than enough spirit without gemming for it, i only gem intelect, haste and mastery, and i pretty much spam greater heal like we use to do with flash heal in Wotlk, and i have never had to run out of mana, ofc, i have been playing priest for my whole wow career, so know my class well, and make the most of lulls in damage during the fights.

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    There's really no magic number.

    The amount of the spirit you need varies, depending on what content you're doing and how you heal (because let's be honest, if you cast one spell every 5 seconds, i hope you dump all your spirit into a more desirable throughput stat...)

    Just start out with full spirit on gears and slowly reforge little by little away if you find yourself sitting with a crapload of mana at the end of a fight, until you reach the point of "zomg, oom. sorry guys."

    If you're unsure or too lazy to play trial and error, just keep all your spirits you have on your gears.

    Personally, I have around 4100 with Heart of Unliving in my holy gears. I heal some of the fights in heroic DS25 as holy. I certainly could get more spirit if I reforge some of the non-tier 410 pieces with no spirit on it; but I just don't have the need for more, especially with all the raid mana cd we have (I also hold my fellow boomkins hostages for their innervate). I think I could heal comfortably with around just 3600~3700 spirit except for heroic spine (can never have enough mana here T_T)
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