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    I must admit, i'm a bit jealous of those who get this!

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    Reeks of desperation...

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    Why does no one understand that the point of this is to get your old friends back in the game, a char close to max level and the ability to get on your server/faction. Thats what i plan to use it for at least. Unless people have friends that are just terrible at this game this really shouldn't effect anything. This is much better than having a old friend spend 40$ for cata then $55 for a faction and server transfer to get the the server im on now(changed servers since they quit). Having your friend(s) back playing with you should be reward enough.
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    this reeks of desperation, they've been trying to get people with free time but it wasn't enough. now this? they keep sending final notices for free time. none of this is particularly rewarding or enough to actually make me want to play again.

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    Hot damn, a free lvl 80 char ? that's pretty damn nice.But it will also increase the amount of bad players we will encounter.. which I do NOT look forward to XD

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    A free lvl 80 after they revamped the entire old world to better the leveling experience? That's interesting.

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    shame I sold my account

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    How about some love for us that have active subs for so many years in a row running guilds and keeping your realms alive when the quitters go to other games? You got to quit or disband your guilds to start to getting some appreciation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biged781 View Post
    I agree that the price of some of these services is too high. However, the level 80 boost is merely an incentive for players to return so that they may join up with their friends on even footing quickly instead of playing for 2+ months just to get to 85.

    Would I like a free level 80? *Hell yes, I am leveling a mage right now and I just leveled a rogue. *I would love to jump 40 levels overnight. *However, I can see why they would do this, it makes sense, and if everyone were given level 80's for a fee the complaining would be even louder (and I would agree that is a bad idea).
    are you kidding me? it's for people who are RETURNING, not starting. 1-80 is done in no time now, 70-80 was made 30% faster last patch also.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Ret was broken. If you don’t see eye to eye with us on that, then it’s understandable why the degree of change might be surprising to you
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    And all u little QQers QQing about new ppl get all the stuff free are probably those some cry babies that walk into the cell phones stores crying cuz new phones cost less than the upgrades. I used to work at a cell store so i know ur kind. Its the way its gonna be and thr way it will always be. get over it already. Made u all are making me rage today. I feel bad for my guildies in our raid tonight.

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    They should be giving Cata away for free...also, the level 80 boost does work for someone like me cuz I dont wanna level through the new 1-60 content again. This to me in a sign that they have a lot of trust in MoP. If blizz can give away an expansion (which was mostly a mistake) to keep people involved until the next one, then they must have trust in their MoP content to help glue players to the game again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakalolo View Post
    so basically i wasted the 60 bucks i just spent getting my daughter her own acct so we could RAF level together and i could have just sent a scroll of rez to myself, upgraded my unused second acct for free, and she could have gotten a free upgrade lvl 80 and been able to purchase the boa gear on my old alts... all without me having to buy a new copy of cata. yeah that's awesome.
    Apparently you feel like playing World of Warcraft with your (likely) little daughter is good parenting and quality time. So is spending $60 for your daughter that terrible? Any regular sport or activity in which you can have your kids take place and learn social skills, playing in a team, developing cognitive capabilities through playing instruments learning to read notes etc. Will cost a hell of a lot more.

    I don't think playing an MMO with your daughter is that great of a decision. Especially when she is at a young age, that period is the most crucial for the development of a child and will serve as her fundamental knowledge and building blocks of her future education.

    So basically I'm saying QQ because I think its a horrible thing to do at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragingsoul View Post
    are you kidding me? it's for people who are RETURNING, not starting. 1-80 is done in no time now, 70-80 was made 30% faster last patch also.
    Nope, not kidding.

    Sure, 1-60 is fast, but 61-80 isn't all that quick, and not all of us can sit and play wow for two or more hours per day. *I just leveled a rogue, full heirlooms and guild bonus. *It took me two months give or take. *You may have little going on in your life aside from WoW, but not all of us are in that situation. *Honestly it doesn't even matter if it is fast or not; it's the incentive. *Free 80 and I can try a new class? *Some will like the sound of that very much. *This is not an act of desperation, it is smart business practice kiddies.

    Also they may want to play a new class. *They may not want to pick up their old main. *This gives them a choice. *Again, incentive, and it costs Blizzard almost nothing.

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    This game needs a fucking iQuit! button now. Or at least the option to get an iQuit.

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    Wow. I can't believe this. I've been subscribed since launch, with 2 breaks (1 month and 2 months, I believe). I've spend hundred of euro's transferring characters, race changing, RaF-ing (twice) and buying mounts and pets. I have 2 active Cata accounts. What do I get? Nothing. Play WoW for a month, quit and you get everything for free when you return... I sincerely believe it's time for Blizzard to do something for active subscribers too. Give us a free transfer/faction change for every year we are subscribed. Give us package deals if we transfer more then 1 char at a time, with prices getting better the longer you are subscribed. Give us boosts. Anything, but finally show us that you appreciate US, the people that still p(l)ay, instead of caring so much for the people that left.

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    Man they are desperate to keep subs. I did buy the annual pass, but haven't even played wow since Love in the air thing. I can't say I enjoy this game anymore.

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    Awwwh yeah, I just bought a gamecard but though "Maybe I should wait with activating it until SoR comes back and get 10 free days"

    Pleasently surprised.

    Double Awwwh yeah because I have my first WoW account on my bnet account aswell which has my old main with vanilla feats and gear etc, due to the transfer I can just transfer it over to my actual account since it's in the same name. Unless they've made sure that won't happen.

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    Time to abuse the shit out of this and send myself a scroll for when MoP hits.

    Can you say, free level 80 Monk on release day?*

    I think so.*

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    so jazzed I didnt re new my account this month. I'll wait the 90 days and get a free 80 lololol. this game is going to die soon though. mad nerds?

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    This is... this is.... oh god. I'm going to go ahead and put this in the "worst decision ever made" column.

    Let's try to name all the consequences...

    1. People will abuse this for free 80s, then cancel their current account.
    2. It leaves the door 10 miles open for selling characters flat out.
    3. A flood of clueless players at 85 will occur.
    4. It's a system that stands to get little use (most WoW haters are WoW quitters and vice versa) outside abuse.
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