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    Quote Originally Posted by Koalachan View Post
    That's what weekends are for. 1-2 hours a night weeknights, all day of play on weekend day
    Haha, too true. Get to burn out the heavy stuff over the weekend

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    leveling is pretty quick if you skip all the cut scenes

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    Casually playing, I think I'm at about 80 hours of play time, I'm Level 46 Valor 45.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Go put some pants on.

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    SInce I really enjoy the questing in SWTOR I try to do all the quests/FP's, but for me it also feels a little bit too fast (leveling my first char, a jedi sage). Without rushing and while leveling my professions (not to mention the countless hours of searching for FP groups :/ ) it took me about 25-30 hours. Guess you can cut a lot of time by skipping the cut scenes, but I think they are just too good.

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    I'm just about to try it out, i really want to get to the cap fast, i have had enough from leveling in WoW

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