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    Quote Originally Posted by Koalachan View Post
    I don't think of it as "damn, same phrase again." I like to think of it as my character's motto. Although, I'm a merc, so mine's actually "Easy jobs bore me."
    I like the voice quests, but hearing the same phrases several times can be warrior never just asks for someone's identity, it's always "Your name...NOW" and he can never just ask for more info it's always "Some elaboration is required...".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    I like the voice quests, but hearing the same phrases several times can be warrior never just asks for someone's identity, it's always "Your name...NOW" and he can never just ask for more info it's always "Some elaboration is required...".
    I'm more annoyed by the standard replies to my standard replies.

    Enter choice: Bounty Hunter demand payment "What do I get out of this?"
    NPC Reply: You get paid "Your standard rate"

    If its always my standard rate, why even both asking? I think it would be cooler if it gave me peak at the quest reward when I demanded to see the payment.

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    I absolutely loved every single one of the quests. The dialogues really made me ponder for minutes, sometimes hours on what to choose.
    I leveled 2 sith warriors to 50 one after the other. I absolutely loved how each one had a different story to tell. And that's not only the main storyline, the side quests also.
    Especially when you level up with a character story in mind, not just choosing this one because it's Dark Side etc etc.

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    Swtor , in my opinion at least, represents the epitomy of mmo questing , it excels on other areas aswell but as far as the questing / daily grind process it has no rival today.

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    I turned off the option to show what responses yielded me ls or ds points on my alts and just played on what i felt for the character. Really helped a lot with immersion and was way more for fun to me. Played my main as full light so i had the ls/ds gains turned on for him. Didnt want to make a mistake :P

    But yeah, i absolutely love these quests. It makes me feel less in a hurry to reach max level. Something i had with wow. A nice relaxed cutscene every now and again just works for me.

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    I can't see fully V/O cut scenes holding any gameplay value in 6 years, or even 6 months time in SWTOR. The leveling experience ultimately means very little to a MMO's longevity. Just ask Blizzard about the "best expansion ever" they're currently trying to forget.

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    Actually I think it's one of the best questing experiences I ever had. If someone isn't interested in the dialogues they should just skip them.
    Regarding the light/dark side choices: Sometimes (especially on my sith juggernaut) when you choose for the dark side option you just feel plain stupid. You/ the empire could have such big benefits from choosing light side, but if you want to get dark side points you have to kill the person most of the times, it's just plain stupid. Was one of the reasons why I switched to jedi sage in light side. There are also some wtf-choices put up until now they weren't as bad as on the dark side.

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    Voice acting is a pain in the ass for everything other than class quests, and planet stories, it really does nothing for me to know why someone needs a generic side quest done.
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    Questing was and is still fun, I gets old when leveling alts, and most of the times I can't bring myself over to doing dark decisions, but if you want to play neutral, you have to pick these, would be better if you got sometimes a third option with no points gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macro View Post
    now I've just got star wars and i think the questing is superb, i find the talks with the quest givers to be interesting and is a large step up from WOW quest givers where it is just a wall of text. however what do you think of it, i know that some have said that it is to slow paced or they are not interested in it but having there talks with the quest givers and the choice of being cruel and not having a set alignment to being good or evil is a leap forward in MMO questing.

    what is your take on it?
    Alignment systems are boring. It is nothing but a different form of faction grind, worse

    I would have not minded light side / dark side choices if they had been consistent. Worse some are downright stupid. There were some choices which made me want to drop the quest instead of make the "right" choice.

    The real problem with the conversation choice system is nothing you do really matters. You cannot make a wrong choice because your playing the story of someone else. Its not your character, its "Choose your own Adventure". You can't count the number of times I would have loved to tell Baras off, let alone tell that fat Republic general my trooper had to take a flying leap. Hell you can't even choose to ignore companions, you get them whether you want them or not... been wanting to space Bowdarr since the day he invaded the galley.
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    I leveled with a friend of mine, as a Juggernaut and him as a Sorcerer. I fully enjoyed sitting and watching every quest giver and seeing all the cut scenes. It was great being able to tag along with him through his class quests and see his story line as well. After 50 and gearing, I leveled a Republic character and did the same... I watched everything. I'm leveling a Sin right now, and have decided to take light alignment points to see how the story differs from my friends class quests -- which isn't much but it's interesting enough for me to watch. I do skip some of the normal quests I remember doing the first time unless I forget whats going on or which alignment points I'm choosing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottsdaleHokie View Post
    By level 30 you'll be space-barring through all the dialog.
    Indeed, as lovely and interesting as the quest dialogue is and adds a whole new aspect to the game, they should perhaps only use it for class quests. I played about 4-5 weeks of beta, trying out new classes and what not, and thought it was amazing. Then on release, as I was levelling up, some of the lame "collect 10 bear arses" quests, i was skipping the dialogue. Whatever they were doing didn't have any effect on me, and therefore didn't really care.

    As I got closer and closer to 50 found myself doing it more and more. Cancelled my sub without even seeing out the first month, and thats getting to 50, doing some raids, FP's, WZ's, and levelling alts (not to 50 but 30 to mid 30's). Ended up uninstalling about a week ago. Shame really.

    All the dialogue does it bump up the time it takes to do a quest, if you take of the few minutes for each quest where you have to listen to the blabber on about rubbish, add it all together for ALL the normal quests you do, imagine how short the game would actually be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count_Satyros View Post
    I absolutely loved every single one of the quests. The dialogues really made me ponder for minutes, sometimes hours on what to choose.

    So you sat there with the various 3 options in front of you for hours? deciding whether to be polite, rude, or indifferent. WOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morreant View Post
    After a year without WoW I actually just made use of SOR and bought into the annual pass while cancelling my swtor sub.

    The questing in TOR was one of the main things that drove me back. It's just so damn slow, especially later on in the game.
    The other day I was logging back in on Carrick Station and was going to pick up questing on Voss. That meant 5 loading screens until I was standing on the planet. A rather long and boring speeder ride to where my quest was taking place. Killing some trash, watching a cutscene, taking a holo call and being told to ride way elsewhere to talk to some dude.
    I spent upward of 15 minutes for this.

    After using the SOR and bumping a lock to 80 it took me a minute and one loading screen to get from SW to Hyjal and pick up a few quests. A few minutes later I had them done and was venturing further. I was getting stuff done.

    I have a young daughter meaning my play time is severely limited. The above coupled with a lack of other quality of life features like dungeon finder, decent AH, lackluster appeal of republic compared to imp and even my populous server feeling deserted made it not the game for me.
    There are tons of things WoW should do better (area looting would be awesome), but in the end it currently fits my playstyle better. YMMV.
    This pretty much exactly sums up how I feel. I like the questing in SWTOR, but it isn't a game where if you have 30-45 minutes to kill you feel like you can log in and get a lot done. It's fine for people who consistantly log in for 2+ hours at a time, but WoW is by FAR more casual friendly.

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    Aye, the quest voice screens are both the best and the worst part of the game, its great in the beginning and for the class stories, but after you done it x-amount of times, you realize the answers are generic, and have no impact whatsoever for your char. If you intice us to feel for the development for our chars, then you cant just stop halfway, when the impact starts having real interesting effects.
    SWTOR has a breaking point, due to lack of gameplay and consequenses. WoW does not have that. Both lack more content yes, but tbh thats fair enough for WoW as it has 7 years on its back, while SWTOR is only out 3 month, and already lacking content, not just a little, but massively, as they obliterated their own content, by letting players get to endgame within a month. (an estimated average).
    SWTOR main mistake was to grant way too much XP from many sources in the game.

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    I skip all quests cutscenes but the class quest. The only problem I see with questing are the long walks just to do one quest, long walk to complete, long walk to another quest, long walk to complete...
    But Im still enjoying the game a lot. I leveled a Sorc to 34, but its so fckin op its not even fun, so Im leveling a sith assasin and Im enjoying it much more than the first time. Problem is the side quest, too much voice acting to kill x mob and come back.

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    Hi! I haven't tried the game yet. Questing is enjoyable as for example mass effect or much worst?

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    I am sorry guys, but are you moaning that SWTOR feels more as a GAME and less as WORK(mindless annoying grind)? I find it pretty weird to be honest.... To be honest i am leveling 3-rd alt with a friend and we are doing all questing together. And i find this EVEN more fun than soloing through content. Rolling who gets the answer opens another dimension of how things are going to unfold - and it is not always as you expect .

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    I would have prefered if they kept the conversations for the Class quest/Planet main quests only.

    The sidequest conversations aren't interesting in any way, they actually slowed the game down too much for me, and detracted me from the main storyline too much.

    Overall though, the questing in swtor is better than wow's, but there's still more room for improvement.
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    My take on the questing has change quite a bit. The Class Story part of the game is awesome, but the rest of the questing at level 41 is quite annoying.

    I actually cringed the other day when I saw Imperial defeated 1/50 during one of my quests, that is the part of the game that started getting to me around the time I reached Tatooine. Alderaan was ok, but Balmorra is really dragging it down.

    Also while at first I loved Heroic quests (group), it became a bummer as I went up in planet, as there is less people to do them and most people don't want to stay grouped to get the social points.

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    My issue with questing is that for all its touting of it being not like WoW actually being mostly generic vanilla-style quests just with alot of voiceover.

    In my opinion instead of splitting experience gains into thousand salami slices over trivial gather/kill timesinks voiced over by recycling of the same Huttese lines over and over they would have done better to deliver a handful big and involving quest chains and proper voice-over. It looks to me like their creativity was really strained for the most part. The variations are stretched thin and countable by one hand on each planet.

    I'm usually not the most vocal critic of SW:TOR but the world quest design is the straw which broke the back for a lot people who prematurely quit. Here's hope that they realize that and improve upon that in future content seeing that current one is finished and in "as is" state. In fact it's one of the things which not only SW:TOR did wrong but a general issue I have seen in other modern MMOs as well.
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