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    nice! im never that lucky to get anything good

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    God, I hate people like you. Not that you did anything wrong... I'm just jelly >.<

    The only things I was really lucky on are some pets, like the BC crab.

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    Updated first post, migrated to another server

    And btw, went KT with my friend this week for the 10th time or something and the mount dropped! But my friend won with a 54 roll :/

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    That's pretty lucky op gz :P

    If only I had this sort of luck with mounts!!

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    I hate you OP........ Been farming for my offhand forever....

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    RNG is RNG? Sometimes wierd lucky stuff like this happens. A few weeks ago my paladin got the Swift White Hawkstrider, Rivendare's Deathcharger and Raven Lord in the space of about 40 minutes. Not something that happens often, but its still possible.

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    Go buy a ticket for the lottery mate.Rng is Rng but it sick to do that in 20 Days!!!

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    That is some crazy good RNG right there. Grats. I'm mad jelly.

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    My best RNG was getting both bindings in one run, then switching to my warrior and getting the eye in the same raid lockout, or obtaining my white hawkstrider and kara mount in the same night.

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    Finnaly got Sulfuras after 6 months of farming!

    Now 5/6, let's get that damn Shadowmourne!
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    I can't believe your RNG... I've only been able to make Sulf, after running MC weekly for most of Cata. I've seen 3 left bindings but Garr just refuses to drop his, specifically annoying as I have the other mats waiting in the bank ):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magjee View Post
    I hate you.

    PS: Grats.
    Ahahah. This sums it up nicely.

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    Legendaries have sure become devalued for the last 5 years... what a shame.

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    RNG actually helped someone

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    Always nice to read stories like these. Guess I could share some of my experiences as well.

    I remember finishing my set of Warglaives the same day as I obtained Thori'dal. (OH on 5th, 6th run and MH on 20th)
    Getting the Eye of Sulfuras was a bitch though... took me exactly 1 year to get the first Eye and got my 2nd Eye on my 99th and last run. How ever I got the Baron Geddon Binding quite fast but the Garr one took about half I year I think. I also got another set of bindings while farming the 2nd Eye. For me I thought I'd get all legendaries in the game, including mats etc. (Got 1 Fragment of Val'anyr, one of each Sigil of Power / Wisdom, for example) At this point I'm just missing the Staff from Firelands on my Mage which will take 3 more resets (including this one) to get all the legendaries in the game (Minus Atiesh -.-) Also got a Seething Cinder on the Mage and a Shadowy Gem on the Rogue.

    Onto mounts;

    The Camel from Uldum was probably the "worse" of the three world rares. Got only fake statues until the 16th, which I didn't actually get. I went to bed and left the character online at the Akhenet Fields to see that NPC scan went off about 15 minutes later showing the real statue spawn. Ofc it was gone the day after when I logged on... Although, about 6 more fake statues later (I think) I got the real one.

    As for Time-Lost, I camped it for about 4 hours in total, and it did indeed spawn. I didn't get the tag sadly so I left it there kinda. Some month later I was farming achievements (doing Argent Tournament dailys) on my alt Warrior, this was indeed before the account wide achievements was officially announced. I was making my way back from Grizzly Hills when I went for a smoke, leaving my character idle at the Frozen Lake. When I came back the drake flew next to me so had to make a call, to take it on the alt or log my main. At the time I was aware of the account wide mounts so I raced after it and killed it, didn't wanna loose it again.

    Now, I guess you'll "hate" me even more for this but Aeonaxx took me about 2 seconds to get. Not luck though, rather a smart move. A friend of mine told me about a quiet dead realm where the Cross-Realm Zoning is turned OFF. So I transfered an alt there and just left it in Deepholm and relogged to it at random times, knowing no one would take it. Also, while the Bloodseeker despawns automatically Aeonaxx stays until killed (or realm reset) and one day the NPC scan popped upon logging in. That realm really helped on getting rare blue pets as well. There's literally Minfernals and Scourged Whelplings everywhere. Now you probably wonder what realm this is but let's just call it "SLL" for now.

    And for the rest of the mounts, I think these numbers are kind of accurate.
    Fiery Warhorse (Karazhan) - ~200-300 Kills (Killed with 10 alts every week for x weeks.)
    Raven Lord (Sethekk Halls) - ~60 Kills
    Blue Proto-Drake (Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle) - ~25 Kills
    Rivendare's Deathcharger - 1 Kill
    Swift White Hawkstrider - ~10 Kills
    Stone Core - 1st Kill, got it while gearing up.
    Vortex Pinnacle - ~120 kills I think, queued with 5 people to bypass the 5 / hour limit and spammed away.
    Experiment 12-B - 7th run on the Rogue, while farming for the Legendary. (Bear in mind that I killed him 41 times on my main back when DS was current tier without seeing it)
    ZG Panther - 1st time in a random group, yeah, that was damn lucky.
    Seen the Alys mount twice, lost both...

    Al'akir Drake - Black Market Auction House : 150k - "Heard" it dropped on my guilds (at the same) 1st kill. Wasn't in the run though.
    Mimiron's Head - Black Market Auction House : 999k - ~40 kills, never seen one.
    Invincible's Reins - Black Market Auction House : 960k - ~60 kills all characters counted, never seen one.

    Not sure if I missed anything but hope it was an interesting read for everyone. And never give up, keep farming!

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    Wow, lucky you.

    It took me from late TBC getting my first binding from Garr until January this year to get the second binding from Geddon, and I'd guess I did MC about 85% of the weeks in that time. That was my only legendary I've gotten.

    I almost feel sick thinking of MC now.

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    I got Thori'dal last night, which brings me up to 6 different legendaries across my account. (Just missing Dragonwrath and the warglaives, which never drop) Mounts though I have horrible luck with.

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