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    Hard Mode Boss Enrage Timers

    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find a comprehensive list of boss enrage timers for the Hard Mode Flashpoints currently available.

    I have done a few of them on my Marauder, and have a tank that will be hitting 50 any day now. I am expecting that once I have a base set of blues/purples together, I will be leading groups from my guild into these Hard Mode Flashpoints, and would like to be able to set the timer on my G15's screen for each boss fight, so that I know when we are getting close to that enrage and can get evry1 to pop their cooldowns to try and get it down before it hits.

    Even if there are just a few available, any help would be great! But please, do not post your own speculation, unless you have actually timed the enrage yourself (with a clock or timer of some sort).

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    I dont have any data about that on my own, but you gave me a great idea , i will start doing this on my g15 aswell
    Kudos mate.

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    Hmm, I am not getting much hits here... Guess I'm gonna have to convince my guildies to be up for a few intentional wipes to get these numbers down somehow... That should be fun :P

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    The enrages in Heroic Flashpoints shouldn't be an issue, a few bosses like the Sith Apparition in TFE can be tight but the rest should go down without having to really worry. NMM Ops and HM Ops, maybe. The only time I've personally ever hit the Enrage on a boss outside of an Ops was in Esseles HM's Vokk: 1 tank, 1 healer 1 DPS and a Companion out ;o

    But, for the most part I think the timers are maybe 2-3 minutes? I know I can sometimes use Valorous Call twice a fight if I'm helping a guildie's fresh 50 through Heroics, some others not quite. I'd personally base it off of how long you have left on your "Bloodthirst/Inspiration" assuming you use it at the start.
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    I think you're making these HM flashpoints seem harder than they should be? I don't think you should ever have an issue with enrage timers. Even when our group was fresh 50s we never hit enrages. I especially wouldn't intentionally wipe just to figure them out. Take your team in and if you hit an enrage, you adjust to fix it. There are guides on sithwarrior for flashpoints and ops. Might give you a good start.

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