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    That's an accurate depiction of what they would've looked like if Pandaren was added in TBC.
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    Yeah, Ghost crawler talked about it during the main launch party for MoP. They decided half way through creating BC that it was too out of the blue and decided to pull Dreanei out of their butt. Which is fine by me, more races to play
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    TBC character creation screen didn't look like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    A bit odd to randomly continue an argument that ended 18 months ago, isn't it?
    It was interrupted, not over. As far as I know, reviving threads who are still relatively recent when you have something productive to add is ok.

    And if that screenshot is real, it'd be very early in the TBC development, hence it would look like a TBC screen we know.

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    Its good they've decided to delay the destruction of WoW with the panda issue. On a serious note, why didn't the guy who took the screenshot select belf instead of pandas? Would love to know how they looked during alpha development with low graphics.

    EDIT: Nvm saw the pic on top of the page.

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