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    Screw diablo, check this game out, it's better!
    pathofexile. com/

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    It wouldn't matter what anyone says, you made up your mind a long time ago that Diablo is not for you. Hell, you even looked up videos on the upcoming game and still aren't convinced. So in turn this is a pointless thread.

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    Don't do it, someone convinced me that Starcraft 2 was good, I now regret ever buying it. Questioning weather or not to buy it in the first instance is a sign that it's not in your best interests.

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    I will play, this is more than enough to make someone play this game.

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    If your friends irl are going to buy it, just ask if u can try on one of their accounts. I'm not to sure about it myself, I bought D2 and I liked it but it didn't hold my attention for to long. The whole one and done life thing is cool but it comes with a huge risk.

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    Convince yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nurabsal View Post
    on an aside, i think Bane Falcon might be my hero
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    Quote Originally Posted by battle View Post
    You shouln't judge a game out from the beta, ACT 1 or the small part we've seen is to teach new players further in and after ACT 1 things will get harder than what we see in the beta currently.

    And as others have said...
    If you dont like it, dont play it.

    Also, never listen to people that says a game will suck because they tried the beta..
    Diablo 3 Beta is maybe 5% of the whole game.. So you cant get any argument that the game sucks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blockygame View Post
    Don't do it, someone convinced me that Starcraft 2 was good, I now regret ever buying it. Questioning weather or not to buy it in the first instance is a sign that it's not in your best interests.
    Well opinions are opinions...that style of game is just not your cup of tea. i for one love Starcraft 2. "

    To OP: research the game, look to see if anything interests you, and try it out the trial version (which i'm sure they will have) and if you don't like it, oh well haha

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    Convince me to convince you into buying Diablo 3. What's in it for me for convincing you?
    At times, the frequent redundancy and stupidity of these forums, turns me into an argumentative ass.

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    Diablo I and II are enough of a reason for me to buy it. Not sure how to help you though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrien View Post
    What is the tight about Diablo 3 really that makes it so popular?
    Why should pay 39 euros for this game?
    It's made by Blizzard, it's fun to play, has cool lore, huge fanbase, and you can always stay another half hour whacking mobs, maybe a slightly better armour will drop...
    Oh, and as far as I know, it costs 60 Euros, not 39 :-s

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    sorry. not my job to care what you buy. if you enjoyed the last diablo games and think this will be fun then go out n buy it. if not then don't, stop trying to have people make your decisions for you.

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    I have played Diablo 2 for maybe 10 hours in total in the last 10 years, it never really caught me either. Although most likely it is due to playing the game far after its initial release so I was left behind in leveling for the most part and none of my friends no longer played.

    Diablo 3 on the other hand looks to be great, although it is the same base gameplay as previous Diablo games, there are enough gameplay changes to set it apart. I would definitely suggest picking it up as it will definitely grow on you the more you play it.

    I would also suggest watching some of the Lore videos on Diablo that are on youtube (and posted in these forums), the story is actually quite interesting.

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    As many have said, if you've played diablo 2 and didn't enjoy it odds are you won't find diablo 3 that enjoyable. There are game play vids and other game info that you can look into, or if you have any friends with the beta, you can try it out and see if you'd like it but other then that, the game isn't for everyone.

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    Don't. you should send me the money instead. Problem solved.
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    Honestly, if you must ask me to convince you to buy it, you shouldn't.

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    It has ponies. Tentacle ponies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrien View Post
    Convince me to buy Diablo 3
    Convince me to care about whether you buy it or not, and I'll convince you to buy it.
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    Well the main reason I will play it is because I loved D2 and it bring back fond memories.

    Why I should convince you I don't get, it's up to you yourself to decide if it's worth it or not.
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    I don't think there's anything more to say so I'm going to close this

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