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    PvP 4p set

    I used to be a (lol I'm not going there) dics healer for PvP back in season 9 and 10, but than I could not be arsed to do it any more. Lately I've been picking up PvP again, but I went shadow instead. I've been upgrading my gear slowly and it came to the point where I need to start getting the set items, but here's the problem: right now I have 5/5 healing set and it works kinda fine, And I took a look at shadow 4p and I was underwhelmed to say the least. I mean 5% casting speed on the two rather underused spells? I'm not sure if it's even worth go get, since healing one has proven to be rather useful.

    Any thoughts on this matter? Is there really any use to be gained form the shadow 4p set that I'm missing?

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    any decent spriest is using 4pc mooncloth.

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    use 4xmooncloth with satin pads and gem int, or pve 4x and pvp mooncloth gloves and gem resilience.

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    4piece mooncloth and swap out one of the main pieces [not gloves or shoulders] for satin, preferably whichever piece you can swap spirit for haste with.

    You are right, the 4piece satin bonus isn't even funny. The mooncloth bonus is really, really, good.

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    the shadow talent is just so lackluster when its only 5% applied to 1.X second cast spells

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    You either use 4p mooncloth or you use heroic t13 4s for crazy burst whenever pet is up.

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    I would highly recommend never using t13 in arena. Maybe RBGs, but even then gimping your resilience is not worth it.

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