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    123 49.00%
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    fanta - thaaaaaaaaats the stuff
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    Dr. Pepper because it's what all the bad-ass time travelers and scientists drink.

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    Sir, if you can't understand what he said (which from your response, you clearly do not), then you don't exactly have a bright future in front of you, it's what you deserve. I suggest you re-read his statement and try harder to figure it out.

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    Where's the Pepsi option?

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    Coke, Dr Pepper tastes like poop. I dont even think hes a real Doctor.

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    If you ask me what tasts best, its coke no matter what.. Dr.Pepper has more style though.

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    Dr Pepper is the best imo, but only when ice cold. Would go with coke if it's a choice between one or the other warm.
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    Dr. Pepper, of course. I don't see any other soft drinks with those kinds of credentials.

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    How is Barqs not an option?

    Also Dr. Pepper is's an acquired taste like blue cheese. Would take an ice cold Coke over it though.

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    Coke. The only time i tried Dr.Pepper i honestly found it disgusting.
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    Dr pepper tastes like playdough and that stuff you get at the dentist to swill your mouth

    Though i must say i do perfer cherry 7 up or Vimto

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    Dr. Pepper with Barbecue Chips (Lay)

    the best
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    Coke > Pepsi > 7up.

    I've never been much of a fan Dr. Pepper >.< but nothing is as bad as Mt. Dew. Whoever drinks that crap needs to rethink their life, as that trash is terrible. My opinion, of course.

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    Tough choice actually. I'll go with Dr.Pepper. It's all around tastier while coke is just very very sweet.

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    Dr Pepper is probably one of the most horrid beverages i have ever tasted.
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    Can't drink Dr.Pepper, makes me gag, so I chose coke.

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    Vanilla Coca Cola> All ................. Too bad they stopped selling it in most places XD

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    I chose Coke, but that's only because for some inexplicable reason Mountain Dew isn't on the list.
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    coke cause it has a bite to it. im talking about the 2L bottled coke.. nothing in cans or that other nonsense.. it doesnt have the same taste if its in a can..

    id want a refund if i bought a dr pepper by accident.

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