View Poll Results: What disgusting habits do you have?

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  • Picks nose ~ will eat the booger if it looks satisfactory`

    17 24.64%
  • Never washes hands after using restroom

    14 20.29%
  • Urinates in the shower

    36 52.17%
  • Eats scabs

    3 4.35%
  • Enjoys the smell of own farts

    20 28.99%
  • Bites fingernails or toenails if limber enough

    23 33.33%
  • I do not do any of these things

    14 20.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Disgusting Habits

    After reading through the "Do you wash yourself everyday" poll/thread, I was amazed at, 1.) how infrequent people bathed, 2.) how unashamed people were about it.

    So this started my wondering about what other disgusting habits people would admit to.

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    I pick my scabs....

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    I swear, my ''nails'' can't be considered nails anymore, compared to others' they look like some kind of a mutation. Been biting them since I was 4 years or so, so I can't really help it anymore.

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    Where is the I piss in the sink option?

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    Pick scabs, pick the skin on my fingers and eat the skin. :<<

    also pee in the shower
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    When I am about to take a shit, I stick my thumb up my crack and push out real hard, so when I let go, the shit sprays out like a rocket, then I lick my thumb. Is that weird?

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    I crack my knuckles a lot, I've been told by plenty of people that it's weird/gross/disgusting. I don't see why though, it's just a (sort of bad) habit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocodrank View Post
    When I am about to take a shit, I stick my thumb up my crack and push out real hard, so when I let go, the shit sprays out like a rocket, then I lick my thumb. Is that weird?
    I thought I was the only one...

    OT: Don't shower erryday, probably why my hair is so silky smooth, I don't dry it out with loads of shampoo. IIRC I read something somewhere about how it's healthier to shower every other day or something so you can build up immunities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Underskilled View Post
    I crack my knuckles a lot, I've been told by plenty of people that it's weird/gross/disgusting. I don't see why though, it's just a (sort of bad) habit...
    All it does is release the stress on the joint, its not really a bad thing as opposed to people keep thinking the arthritis, which it isn't what happens. I don't think its disgusting, /shrug.

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    I chew on a lot of stuff. And if I don't have any kind of pencil, pen or plastic thingy around I chew my nails. I start doing it as soon as have to think about something. Basically I need a new pencil after every test.

    I do however throw my nails into a garbage bin and don't just let them lie around in a room. That's just...ew.

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    Skelington chews on his fingernails and the surrounding skin as often as posible. He's actually gnawing on his pinky right now. The only other one he has done is urinate in the shower, but that's rare.

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    I pick my nose (but never eat it....well probably when i was little, but not now)
    I wash my hands after taking a shit, but not after pissing.
    I urinate in the shower without hesitating. In fact, if I wake up and it's a shower day (yes I'm one of the people who don't shower every day) I'll specifically wait until I'm in the shower to piss. It's funner.
    I pick scabs, but don't eat them.
    My farts (for some reason, god knows why) VERY RARELY have a smell to them (not just to me, my friends have never smelled one either), but when they do it's usually bad, so I don't ENJOY them, although I can tolerate em better than others, though.
    I pick at/tear my nails, but don't bite them. They're too thick.

    I also enjoy popping pimples (on myself and others if they'll let me). I like the taste of my own blood, never tried anyone elses.

    Anything else you think is disgusting, I probably do. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

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    I don't know if its a bad habbit or if I should just see a doctor. Usually when I wake up with morning wood, I have to drain my penis with a needle. When I do, I get a needle full of puss and blood and the boner goes away. For some reason the smell of the puss / blood is satisfying so I decide to drain it into a cup and snort it.


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    The worst I do is bite my nails. It probably has to do with being bored for a significant amount of time. I've been thinking of wearing gloves to try and stop. (I don't notice that I'm biting them, it just kind of happens.)

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    I pee in the shower on occasion, mostly only if I feel the urge to urinate while in the shower. If I get that urge before/after being in the shower, obviously I don't pee in the shower.

    I used to bite my fingernails habitually, but I stopped years ago because it's really bad for your fingers. Instead I always have a pair of fingernail clippers handy, which I use to keep them short and neat, while also trimming the cuticle and surrounding skin.

    I do like the smell of my own farts, especially the really strong protein ones. No idea why.

    I pick my nose quite a bit, and tend to eat the boogers unless I'm somewhere in public where someone could be watching.

    I always wash my hands, frequently throughout the day, so I suppose that helps take the grossness out of the habits I have.

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    When I'm at home, I don't cover my mouth when I sneeze.
    When I'm driving, I roll down the window and sneeze into traffic.

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    i don't really do any of those things. my disgusting habit is that i leave food lying around my room til it draws all sorts of bugs after a few weeks, then i throw all the plates they are on into the garbage because i can't bear to wash it when they are so dirty, then i spray my room to kill anything alive and go out and buy new plates and stuff from the dollar store and repeat. its a vicious cycle -_-

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    This is a funny thread

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    Eat scabs?! .............................

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    I think this thread is a little too gross for here, and can only spawn even worse comments.

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