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    Pure HPS-wise, disc is not gonna compare to holy on Spine heroic, but disc saves lifes. Absorbs are extremely powerful to save debuffed people.

    Disc is viable, you just have to know what you can expect from the spec on this specific fight and see wheter that is something you need.

    If you need more throughput on debuffs, take a different healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3lladvocate View Post
    Yea I did, I was tempted to "necro" it the other day, but I saw this thread today and figured id through out my line and see if anyone bit. They are, one is a holy pally, who I assume is beacon cleaving the tank and healing debuffs, the other is a resto druid, soon to be resto shaman hopefully. Resto is new to the fight, he mains boomkin but weve needed a healer. What I notice however is as Holy, the most debuffs out at a time is 2, besides rolls, while as disc, sometime 4-5 start piling up, and I'm forced to heal them instead of PoH spaming or other things I should be doing. Pally's HPS is solid. Druid is an offspec, but he's good too.

    Phoenix Style has them both fairly high on debuff heals, so I dunno. I'd like to be able to stay holy, but weve never survived the roll after the second tendon. DH just cant heal that, need damage reduction it seems.
    Do you kill bloods before you roll, or on the roll itself? Try the former if you haven't already, just tank the amalgamation & bloods separately, then drag the amalgamation through when DW is about to barrel roll (like 1-2 seconds off so your tank needs to be quick).

    Resto druid is amazing with debuffs, he should be far far above everyone (incl your pally), even potentially double yourself (I may be remembering the time we 2 healed it though here!). I haven't done spine for a while so I can't remember exactly how far ahead our druid was, but it was A LOT. Even so my total healing was still higher though... playing to your strengths & all he should just be debuff healing.

    After the 2nd plate is down, I go into it with AA/PI & PoH heal away. When AA/PI has a few seconds remaining I do a DH, once that's over it's about time to barrel roll (so this transition actually takes quite a long time, AA/PI total + DH time, must be 25-30seconds?). Druid uses tree, and shaman uses 4set. On the roll itself we only have SLT. So in total we just have DH & SLT on that roll, plus a load of personals (bubble/tranq is for amalg 9 stacks). You don't need to save cooldowns for the roll itself, using them beforehand is just as effective.

    To me it looks like your situation is already screwed up when you go into the roll, that's why you're dying. You need to stabilize the situation as much as possible before even going into the roll, remember there is no rush here, staggering the blood kills & prolonging this phase is worth it if it prevents you from dying. If you do it right no one should even get low during the roll.

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    I wanted to give an update in case others find themselves in my position. First, thanks for everyone that gave feedback and insights.

    We downed Spine tonight running without a disc priest. Our attempts had gotten a lot better from the healing perspective when we did them without one. I'm not saying that this is true for everyone, and certainly isn't the case for 10-man, but for us this is what we've found.

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