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    Holy Paladin addons

    So I am going to level a Holy Paladin but in the few guides i've looked through they don't mention anything about addons specifically for Holy pala's.

    I just want to know are their any addons specifically for Holy Paladins that i should know about?

    P.S Yes I have a healing addon I like to use(Healbot).

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    Thats because there arent any needed really.

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    I do not use any addons made specifically for a Holy Pally. My entire UI is from ELV UI. I just changed stuff around to suit my needs. Add in Decursive, DBM, and if your guild requires it, Omen. But that is about it. You could get Power Auras and track the remaining time left on Judgements of the Pure and other random procs.

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    Swap from Healbot to Vuhdo and you will start loving life. It is also useful to get a casting bar, i prefer quartz. There are some special UI features for tracking holy power as well but I just make power auras for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursingmonk View Post
    Swap from Healbot to Vuhdo and you will start loving life. It is also useful to get a casting bar, i prefer quartz. There are some special UI features for tracking holy power as well but I just make power auras for that.

    I used to use Vuhdo, started having terrible framerate issues with it, uninstalled it, deleted all my wtf/interface files, ran repair, finally uninstalled wow completely..still have the same problem. I redownloaded it, it has the same setting is always did, any time I am in combat, terrible frame rate issues (And its not my computer not able to update the health, healbot fast health works just fine)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursingmonk View Post
    Swap from Healbot to Vuhdo and you will start loving life. It is also useful to get a casting bar, i prefer quartz. There are some special UI features for tracking holy power as well but I just make power auras for that.
    Ye because liking a addon is not at all personal prefs

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    The only addon I use on my pally that I don't use on any other toon is nugcombat for holy power tracking. I also support vuhdo over healbot, but I know it's personally preference, I just feel like vuhdo has a lot more customization options once you get the hang of how to configure it.

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    Agreeing with other people that Vuhdo is much better than healbot, but again it is all personal preference. Healing is lucky as you only really "need" one addon, and that's a healing raid frame addon. Which one you choose is up to you. Other addons though are like DBM, Omen, etc etc which are considered to be "needed" addons no matter what role you're playing as, but they're not specific to healing like you've asked for =)

    I'm sure if you just want to overload your UI with pretty bars, you could find plenty of things, but they won't help your healing

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    must be your pc..just started gearing my holy pally in bg's have always used vuhdo on my shammy for pve so wanted to use it again in pvp on a diff char as used to it .I play on a toaster ..seriously on board graphics card etc and vuhdo never given me problems ..only time I have slight lag is lfr 25 man on my shaman and thats because I play on a toaster

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    Io people, specific addons, not discussion which is better!

    OT: The only thing that I feel I need different on my pally from other healers I have is a clear indicator of when I have 3 HP. I use WeakAuras for that, but I guess there are many different addons to do that. I just like it to be in the middle of my screen flashing, like blizzard's built-in spell alerts. (and really, 3HP should already be a built-in alert)

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    BOLT = judgements + beacon timer/tracker. I use shadowed unit frames with the combo bar.

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    clcbpt for tracking of beacon on your target and also judgement timer, Healinggrid, think that's about it for what i use on mine atleast

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    grid2, clique, NeedToKnow that is really it.

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    clcbpt for BoL and JotP tracking and Healbot (which includes Holy Power tracking) are my holy paladin specific add-ons.

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    I love PowerDing to remind me when I have 3 Holy Power, just in case we get to an intense bit where I'm focused harder on my Grid. A happy little "ding!" lets me know its ready. I know its redundant with the other mods mentioned above, but I like it.

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    Addons what i like to use are Grid, found it still a little better than the normal raidframes, Clique and Moveanything, just to move stuff around the way you want it to be

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    NeedToKnow for tracking my Judgement buff. I use this on other classes too (great for tracking DK diseases on current target), so it's more likely for me to check for updates on it.

    I like Healbot in that I can also configure it to show dispellable debuffs; the healbar of someone affected will change color, and I know I need to cleanse them. Decursive not needed. Not tried Vuhdo, so I can't say if it does this; I did check out one of the Youtube videos on it, and it does look like it's pretty comparable to Healbot, I would say it is entirely a matter of preference. I also like Healbot because I can configure it to change my health bar to white to indicate when my Seal of Insight has fallen off; kinda handy if it does so in the middle of a fight, and you can just click your own health bar to auto-rebuff. This works well for my shaman as well; my health bar turns a pale blue for when my Water Shield has fallen off, and red for when my Earthliving Weapon has fallen off. If both, just click, click on my own health bar, rebuffed.

    I also use a lesser known addon called Holy Trinity; it's a nice big (specifically, wide) display for how many HP I have (big/wide is good for me in that I don't need to move my eyes to see how many HP I have--I can pick it up peripherally; but, it doesn't take up a lot of vertical space, so it's not huge clutter on my screen). It also tracks CDs for things like Avenging Wrath or Guardian of Ancient Kings for when you hit higher levels, if you set it up to. This one may be harder to find, but I really like how the HP bars are configurable, so you can set up where they are, how tall/wide they are, etc. Healbot tracks HP charges as well, but they're just small dots, and may not be easily seen when you're tracking a bunch of other things (or are focused on watching actual health pools.

    If I were to sum up what people above were saying, it looks like regardless of what addons you go with, you want them to do the following:
    1. Display a "raid frames" style collection of health bars all in one spot
    2. Have as much helpful information (buffs, CDs, Beacon target, etc.) on or near those health bars as possible (without interfering with seeing how far down they are)
    3. Track your HP somewhere close to your "raid frames" so you don't have to move your eyes as far

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    I use clique with the standard raid frames, and clcbpt to keep track of beacon/jotp. I got so used to running with as few addons as possible when I had a shitty computer that I just kept it light like that even when I got a better pc.

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    i just use Elvui, it has what i need.. but you could probably get the same use out of vuhdo/healbot/grid and powerauras, but then again, ui is a highly subjective thing and i'd suggest trying out tons of addons that might sound usefull, filter away those you dont want / need / like, and then make it pretty

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