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    Why are you looking forward to Monks?

    For me, it's the oportunity to get some Jedi/Sith transmogging going on. I've always wanted to play SWToR, but I just don't want to give up WoW to buy something that probably won't last as long as Blizz has with WoW.
    Seeing monk's gave me the perfect oportunity: for Sith or for Jedi (for obvious reasons double sided, unless you can find a suitable polearm/staff that can look like a single bladed lightsaber).
    Get some brown or white leather clean robes for the classic look, or maybe some uniform-looking battle gear for Jedi, or put on ye old (or <insert any hood/mask that looks like a Darth Vader inhaler>) and some black robes.
    And the fact that Monk's, to me combat wise at least, are similar to Jedi and Sith gets me even more excited. Think about it, acrobatic, energy wielding, lightning shooting ( ) fighters.

    Anyways, thats enough of me:

    Why are YOU looking forward to monks? (And if you aren't, then why are you even strolling this forum?)
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    It's just going to be a change of pace for me. I personally rolled a Death Knight on Wrath release, and it revitalized the game for me. And if I think about it, Cataclysm is the only expansion where I kept the same "main" from the previous expansion.

    Vanilla - Resto Druid
    Burning Crusade - Enhancement Shaman
    Wrath - Death Knight
    Cataclysm - Death Knight
    Mists of Pandaria - Monk
    So I guess you can say I have a thing for changing mains from expansion to expansion, but I also think that keeps the game "fresh" for me. Each expansion I'm not doing the same class with the same principles (except for Cata) and I like to think it gives me a good perspective on the game as a whole. Heck, thinking about it, the very reason I might have gotten bored with Cataclysm is that I didn't change mains.

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    I need some kind of new stuff to learn... been playing all class / spé since 2005 (even DK that I didn't enjoy very much) and cataclysm showed me how I was bored with all of them (apart from my Paladin but that was my first character ... ever !)

    Also I always dreamed about playing a pandaren brewmaster since WoW release... I've been a huge fan of Chen Stormstout in WC3 TFT so when they announced MoP I was thrilled =)

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    BC- Hunter
    Wotlk- Druid
    Cata- Druid, Have 130+ mini pets, 10k+ achievement points and around 80+ mounts which helped me play my druid over the time but with accountwide mounts,titles and mini pets i see no reason why not to reroll. The entire time i played my druid i was both Feral and Resto. Absolutely loved feral in wotlk and in cata it felt so simple so i main speced resto.

    Now with Monks I can Tank just like my druid and Physical dps just like my druid while being in human form i've grown tired of looking at the bear and cat model despite the great new art they have received its nice being able to see your gear and having look it better and better as new content is released so I see no reason not to.

    TLDR: No more cat/bear forms, Very versatile, Mistweaver looks great and want something new.

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    The resource system is perfect imo, it has exactly the things I want to have in one. Holy power comes close but I was missing energy and still am not a fan of finishers that use all of X resource to empower them a la combo points/holy power. But this, this is exactly spot on.

    I also like the tool kit Monks are shaping up to have. The animations are swank, being able to choose a weapon based on aesthetic is amazing; I've always wanted that.

    Also just having a full hybrid that can do any 3 roll when spec'd for it is convenient and fun.

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    I feel like the class brings something new to this game that isn't just the typical "Hit mob with sword/spell/arrows" that most Fantasy RPGs seem to have, it does bring, albeit muted, a Street Fighter-esque playstyle of buttonmashing and I really like that, having grown up on games like Street FIghter, Soul Caliber and Tekken.

    Admittedly i'll get my Warlock > Shaman > DK > Warrior to 90 first, but I think that Monk will either become my main in 4.1 or at minimum a "main" alt that I spend time on.
    oops i resubbed again

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    Like others I switch up mains every expac. Not sure if I'm going to roll a monk first or get my main to 90 first as level cap dungeons were full of asshats and turds the first few weeks after cata release.

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    WotLK enh shaman/feral druid were my two favorite DPS specs. I really enjoyed the quick decisions required and always having a button to press, WW monk brings this back. I enjoy tanking every so often which monks will be able to do and they bring their own flavor to tanking. Attonement was/is a really cool idea and gives you something to do when you begin to out gear content when you are healing and I think MW does a better job of it. Three main reasons why I am looking forward to monk

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    I am looking forward to a new tanking class, it is my personal goal to have a character for every tanking class. This is just more for me. >

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    it is new. nuff said

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    I like the lore and interesting play style/moves. (I'll be a blood elf monk)
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    Healing as a monk is very fluid and feels very different from any other healing class. I just like the feel of the class, being able to easily and smoothly switch from off-DPS to Heals without it feeling clunky or hard.

    - Soothing Mists having a low mana cost (having the ability to STOP the heal if they get topped off to minimize over healing), being a channeled heal and the fact that it points your character in the right direction of your target makes it feel a lot more like a battle healer.

    - The new Stance of the Wise serpent encourages DPS.

    - Expel Harm makes self heals easy as well as doing damage. I feel like joker sometimes. COME ON AND HIT ME!

    - Surging mists worked great so I was concerned when they changed it to be a targetable heal, HOWEVER there is now a glyph to change it back to a smart heal. I love the fact that it can also provide a big burst heal if used while channeling Soothing Mists. Also pairing that with Teachings of the Monastery encourages DPS to get a stack of 5 for an instant surging mist and on top of it all, if you are glyphed so its a smart heal you can just see if someone needs it and cast it - it does the rest like a boss.

    There is so much more I haven't experienced yet, but I'm excited to. I've leveled my Mistweaver to level 43 (I just got renewing mists) but haven't needed it in a dungeon yet, no AoE at this level really.

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    I've been playing a holy paladin since BC. I toyed around with the idea of changing mains around the time that firelands came out, but it never really came to pass. With the new account-wide achievements/mounts/pets I wont feel as reluctant to change mains.

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    Been looking forward to a Monk class ever since WoW was announced.

    Hopefully I don't wind up disappointed.

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    Something new to play. Not to mention the class color is my all time favorite color (Assuming you're making me choose just one color, and not allowing me to like the rainbow sequence as a color.)

    I did however, rewatch kill bill 2 the other day and am more excited for monk. Who doesn't want to learn the five point exploding heart technique? I can tell you who DOES. <--- this girl.

    Since cata, i've been aimlessly wondering toons.. the only class I've yet to hit 85 with now, is warrior. Which .. to be honest I probably won't touch unless I get REALLY bored shortly here. I have grown a bit attached to druids (even though the female druid races are all... Blaaaaaah.) BUT, my boyfriend plays pretty much druid.. druid.. and uh.. oh yeah druid... And i'm not lookin to get compared against him on how much better of a player he is than me.

    Aaaaaand why else... idk.. The concept in general sounds awesome. Got to tinker with beta a whee bit, so far liking it... Granted it will be like when DKs were released, and there is going to be a NASTY abundance of monks runnin amuck... All the more reason to focus on beta and be a step above the droolers! *flex*

    I AM however... struggling with the race selection for my monk. I do love all the awesome details they have given pandaren but... I've never been one for animal breed types.. (unless.. I can poof into dragon form. WOOSH! Druids are different because its a form, not.. a half animal half... walking upright humanish whatever you want to call it type.) They DO have pigtails, so thats a plus.. but I still think the draenei have won my heart for the alliance side. (And screw you.. Draenei are not animal breed types... not any animal i've ever seen anyway.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahstrasza View Post
    (And screw you.. Draenei are not animal breed types... not any animal i've ever seen anyway.)


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    Fist Weapons are my fav and i don't like using Rogues or Shamans.. this is pretty mch my main reason i already have some transmog stuff set up for fist weapons

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    I love Kung Fu lore. I grew up watching old Chinese Kung Fu movies, and Drunken Master 1 and 2 are the main movies I watch when I'm bored. I'm also a huge fan of Bruce Lee, and the Shaw Bros. films.

    Probably why Monks are my favorite class in the fantasy genre. I love the concept of being unarmed and using your body as a weapon. I wish Blizzard would somehow make it possible for a Monk to fight without any weapons. However, that may be OP, so fist weapons will do for now.

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    They had me at Flying Serpent Kick. Possibly the coolest ability in the game. I've only played (briefly) with an 85 pre-made so that was a bit boggling. I decided not to play anymore beta so the game will be fresh and new when it launches. I haven't been a fan of Pally and DK dual resource systems so that may be an issue with me falling in love with the Monk. The class looks interesting though.

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    The eastern theme of Pandaria.
    The music(Once they put it in).
    And a class that goes perfectly with the expansion. Similar to how DK's were for WOTLK.

    I can't wait!

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