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    game still is broken

    played it now for like 6 months
    from lvl 1-80 it is realy nice game - no grind anymore and its just fun

    but on lvl 80 there are so many bugs it still feels like a beta

    *siege system still not working
    *a lot quests buggy
    *invisible characters when zoning on mount
    *stay in group forever after minigame(Battleground) when someone had disconect
    *buff timers from potions or food often dont work when go in instance
    *PVP-Balance lol wtf - baddest i ever saw in any mmo i have played
    - Soldier-Classes u need like 6 ppl (your complete team) to kill them in a mini game - fun when there are more than 1 soldier and there always more than 1^^
    - Assas oneshot ALL Casters - have passiv ability when get a critical magic hit they are 100% imun to magic forever
    - Soldier-Classes (Tanks) have more than double HP than other classes much more armor and much more magic imuns and still - they do same or more damage than a damage dealer

    dont wanna post everything but lol Funcom just fail and after playing aoc i never would buy a game from them anymore so no secret world for me :/

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    Apologies for the necro but this is the most recent AoC thread and I just noticed that its now listed on Steam.

    Apparently steamies get a free cape or something.

    Have to look up my old account and see if its still got all the goodies.
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    Meh, the F2P model is worse than SWTOR if that's possible.

    You only have half of the already small starting bag to use for item space. That's like 8-10 slots.
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    Please do not necro threads. If you want to start a new discussion about a game, feel free to start a new thread.

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