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    Rogue CP/energy bar addons?

    Im currently looking for a new CP and maybe an energy bar addon?

    Previously I've used tuk ui's cp counter and that never got updated with 4.1/4.2 then I switched over to nug combo bar. Nug isnt bad, it just doesnt update fast enough for legendary procs or on parried/dodged eviserates. Wondering if you guys have any recommendations while im redoing my ui.

    Currently looking at energy watch + combo points redux maybe ill give those a shot and see how i like them.

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    I use Icehud for energy/cp tracking.

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    I use Sliceadmiral for sub and combat
    For assasination I use Mutilate + NugComboBar

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    aye, use slice admiral too plus needtoknow for trackin stacks and procs on my legendaries
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    Druidfocus, the best addon out there and not only for rogues.

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    Icehud and MikFloatingBattletext work nice in unison for me.

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    trying out energy watch + combo points redux. So far CPR updates very fast so you arent spamming ss on GCD thru a parried/dodged evis. Also instant with legendary procs.

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    I can't recommend Comergy enough.

    Really easy to customise and looks fantastic. Well worth checking out.

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    Comergy, or CLC Rogue.

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    Was about to suggest comergy myself.
    NibPointDisplay works fine just as a combo/holy power/shard counter but does nothing but those point-like resources.
    Comergy if losing some of the customisation at least seems to offer a few more rogue/feral tools.

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    I use energy watch and a combo point tracker made using weak auras.

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    Comergy for sure.
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    I'm a traditionalist when it comes to combo points...I like 'em round. None of this rectangular business.

    ccComboPoints is the one I use.

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    Power auras to trash combo points/ bandits guile/ legendary dag procs... xforte for cds and need to know for legendarys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    Comergy, or CLC Rogue.
    really.... they made a clcrogue......... I mean come on I can see clcret becuase ret if fuckn retarded but rogue is like LoL

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