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    Paladin tanking gem/enchant/trinket/specc improvements

    So this is my paladin http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Chaozin/simple

    The trinkets i have to choose from are: Resolve of undying, Vial of stolen memories , Indomitable Pride , Fire of the deep , Symbiotic Worm

    I'm not sure wich ones to use so please give me some advice about that.

    The specc i got http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...talent/primary is the one i have been using since cata release (kinda). If you have some advice about that please tell aswell ^^

    I think i have all the right enchants/gems, but say something if you feel like it

    All im looking for are improvements so dont be shy ^_^

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    Try to balance your pary/dodge in the same percent (DR). For that, don't hesitate for reforge pary to dodge on item with pary/mastery.
    I don't understand the reforge mastery to dodge on your chest.
    Enchant your Wrists (50 dodge rating).

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    CTC looks good, but you can drop a lot of mastery by changing your meta for the 1% block value, and you'll be able to pick up a hell of a lot more stamina.

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    Resolve of undying and Indomitable Pride is easily the best (the hc-versions is BIS). As Thakah said, reforge so that you have almost the same dodge as parry (Mastery is prio ofc though).
    Don't forget that Resolve of Undying gives you 880 dodge rating.
    I always use Chardev (I can't link because I haven't posted enough on MMO-champ) to calculate my CTC so that I don't waste money on wrong reforge and/or gems. Notice that you can add stacks of the trinket, food buff, kings etc that also give you more CTC.
    If you still need help, ask here or PM me

    About your gems, a little tip for the future; put your JC-gems in NON-BIS items (you have them in BIS-chest atm) so that when you get an upgrade it'll be cheaper to change gems. Also if your guild have some sort of rule that you have to socket BIS-gear with epic gems some (I do) consider it "cheating" to put JC-gems in BIS-items
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    Did some reforging, does this look better?

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    What I would add is as follows:

    - if you reforge the chest back to where it is naturally and enchant everything, you'll probably be well over the ctc cap. If you change the dodge trinket to the fire of the deep you'll get a bucketolad of mastery in it as well. That would allow you to re-gem for pure stamina and pick up a ton of health because 192k is kind of small for most of the heroics. I myself use the stacking dodge trinket only on a few fights but generally use the valor one.

    Also, in your build, I'd actually drop the hallowed ground and take rule of law in the ret tree for additional crit. The Consecrate talents are not that useful in raids (5-mans, sure) and you'll greatly benefit from the extra crit if you need to WoG yourself or catch a boss nice and easy. The crit on WoG really comes in handy on healing-intensive fights like heroic Yor sajh, where you have to rely on your own survivability much more because healers have their hands tied.

    Edit: making sure that dodge and parry are on similar level is really crucial because otherwise you are wasting the rating. You probably know that dodge and parry suffer from diminishing returns, so the more of them you have the more rating you need to increase it. Therefore, if you have 19% parry and 16 % dodge 100 dodge rating is worth more than 100 parry rating. Consequently, if you reforge parry to dodge at this point you WILL increase you're total avoidance, when if you go the other way (dodge -> parry) you will lose stats.
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    Forgot to mention that the trinkets I mentioned is BIS as long as you reach the CTC cap.

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    On your build again:

    If you have no problem holding threat, you might consider moving the reckoning talents elsewhere. For instance, for some of the fights, you might benefit from Eternal glory as you'd get self-heals for free. And healers actually like if you help them out sometimes.

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    So did some more reforging, enchanted my wrist, changed the meta.

    The way i have understood it, if you reach CTC(102,4%) then you can go stamina?

    Becouse i did that now and im rolling with 2 stamina trinkets and i am at 102,2% avoidance unbuffed. Is that good?

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    What I do is stay at roughly 102 %. Because I always take the food buff (feast provides dodge, but you can use other if you like, say I know eat parry food as I have more dodge unbuffed). That gives me 102.4 % with the food buff. Then, whatever stats I get over the ctc cap get reforged to expertise and then hit. Gems go into stamina as much as humanly possible at this point. Remember that as a paladin you have extra 10 expertise from a glyph so if you have extra stats on your gear that you can't really shuffle around to stay at CTC cap, go expertise first because it's easy to cap it. That way, the bloody boss will not dodge your hits at least and we all know how painful it is when the boss dodges or parries your hits on the actual pull.

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    Also, rolling with two stam trinkets might be good but has its disadvantages. Some trinkets have useful procs or serve as additional CDs (extra dodge and such) which have to be considered on a fight-to-fight basis. So very useful thing to do is to be able to juggle your trinkets without losing your mitigation. If you can be capped with two stam trinkets that have no defensive stats, you are perfectly set up for playing with them if needs be (like changing for the TB trinket if you need magical reduction).

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