Thread: Gw2 forum down?

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    Gw2 forum down?

    Is the forum for GW2 down? I can't seem to log in.
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    Yep. And also the login servers.

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    Have they said anything at all about the game being down?

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    They havent. It all just died.

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    Are the servers themselves down or just the login? I was on earlier but took a break then spent the past hour trying to login.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamcute View Post
    They havent. It all just died.
    yea it kicked me out of the game about 35 min ago. They havent tweeted or said anything on facebook in a while so im guessing something went wrong with the login or it got overloaded. btw THIS GAME IS FUCKING AMAZING i was glued to my seat for 14 hours straight O_O and it felt barely like an hour. to me at least this game was everything i was looking for in a mmo so far and i havent even done wvw yet >_<

  7. #7 Theres already a thread discussing the issues about the servers and forum being down

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    Maybe it was only 24h beta. XD

    But seriously... I'm just running diag to see what is up and what is not... takes a bit time.

    EDIT: Ping goes to Dallas, no EU up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knighthonor View Post
    Is the forum for GW2 down? I can't seem to log in.

    I'll refer you to that thread.

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