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    <Shroud> Zul'jin 8/8H DS 25 LFM

    Shroud Zul'jin is a large and active 25 man guild on Zul'jin server looking for a few good players to round out our core raid. All exceptional applicants will be considered. Heroic experience necessary. We are 8/8H DS 25, with numerous WoL rankings, and great core leadership. Please whisper Såtiva (the å is alt 134) in game if you'd like to talk to an officer directly. To apply to the guild visit our website shroudguild.enjin.com/recruitment
    Raid times:
    8pm - Midnight EST
    Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
    Attendance on these days and times is required (if you cannot make one of these days or these times you will not be accepted as a full raiding member, but we can always use back-up raiders as well).

    We require the following for raids:
    Deadly Boss Mods or equivalent,
    Proper gems and enchants (ex. Epic gems in heroic gear, etc.)
    Knowledge of the fight, watch vids and/or read strats for progression.

    In Demand Classes:
    *Ret* Pally
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