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    why would you delete rhok'delar and lok'delar? Bag space? Lol... right

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    Every single time I asked for GM help, even though they take ages, they ALWAYS have helped me one way or the other. Whether it was a bugged quest, a glitch, a lost item, or literally any other problem I had was always solved, OR at least explained why it cannot be solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breccia View Post
    Here's my concern:
    -- they just added the new bug report/suggestion report feature. These features do not give any kind of reply, and probably reduce the number of tickets.
    -- they just added the new auto-restoration feature
    -- and Blizzard just fired an instance-load of people. I would suspect some were GMs.
    What does that tell you about the GMs still left?
    Because they figured GMs could be out and about doing actual GM work instead of babysitting some whining kid who deleted his bow staff 2 years ago? Nothing wrong with streamlining certain things. If anything, it makes the customer service area that much better. Bug breaking encounter? Your ticket won't take 2 hours now!

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    I know they were able to restore a few quest items for me a few months ago, and those quests I had finished back in BC. I don't know if that was the same kind of thing, since there would have been a record of me completing quests. Sometimes if you don't get help the first time, you can open another ticket and you might get a GM who wants to help you out more.

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