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    Quote Originally Posted by Joán View Post
    I'm sure they show things as soon as they can - it might not be in the beta files yet, it might be unfinished, broken or just partially missing or any other scenario that would mean a preview would be undesireable.
    I understand the reasons why. That's not what I asked. I asked why mail/hunter sets are ALWAYS the last thing shown.

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    Plate: Nice. A helmet that isn't overly bulky (HORNS ERREHWHURR!) but looks like a functional helm. Bonus points for eyeholes!

    Cloth: Lol, turban. I do like the similarity to Wrathion's style.

    Leather: Really? I know the rest of the suit is drab and undistinctive...but did we reallly need huge, bulky stone accents? Dumb. My rogue will be transmogging over that.

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    that plate dungeon set looks way better then challenge set warrior :|

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    whats with the plate looks like metroid samus arans armor

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    Holy crap, those dungeon sets look absolutely fantastic, I have been really unimpressed with all the released gear so far, I'm very glad to see some creativity with their designs!

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    I have to agree; none of the armor sets are appealing to any degree. The plate set reminds me of a cheese-grater. No, theyre dropping the ball on style and panache this go.
    I'm rolling a Blunt Elf... That's a high-elf that likes to party.

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    WoW.. that's one pair of ugly glasses...

    @Sets: Thank the Titans for the Ethereals invention of transmogrification...

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    Anyone notice the pally helm looks like Halo 4 Helmet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Wow, the cloth set is really cool. Too bad it doesn't make up for the plate and leather set. I haven't really found much of the mop gear very appealing. They are relatively high res, but the art is just so plain or ugly for the most part.
    Also, the Diablo thing just seemed like clips of cinematics and trailers they already released. I love you blizz, but come on.

    See i like the leather and the plate better than the cloth so its all personal taste. And they don't really have to do anything with Diablo because it will sell millions regardless of what they do for a trailer.

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    I have a feeling by Juneish, level 90 stuff will be coming =p

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    pico seems to have settled into presenting well, didnt see awkward at all to me. The armour looks shit to me, but i guess its only dungeon stuff that no one will look at after a few weeks.

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    Can you put titles on the image viewer? If you just flip through you can't tell what's what :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by taximals View Post
    ugh can you please make it so middle clicking opens up in a new tab like it used to? it loads much slower in this new gallery I prefer to load the image by itself
    This. D;
    I'm finding it a nightmare to navigate the images like this, I like to just open up all the ones I want to look at in a new window, and whenever I close the new viewer it sends me back up to the top of the page.

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    That curse weekly round up chick is fugly. I was gonna eat some breakfast..but not not anymore..

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    First of all: The Dungeon Sets are terrible...

    At MMO Champ: Please keep this new Image Gallery! It's really much better than opening thousands of Tabs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehnoah View Post
    I hope patch comes today or tomorrow!
    That's what I am looking forward to.

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    I'm quite fond of the plate dungeon set...

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    I can't believe someone is actually getting paid to design such ugly crap.

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    Funny how a good chunk of people love the armor sets and another chunk question how the designers dont get fired.

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    Beta Servers have just come offline, patch is being applied now.

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