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    A suggestion to bot proof bgs

    So, woke up early today. Bots in bgs as usual. Then i had an idea, would it be much more bot proof, when you enter a new bg if you have to type in the text like the picture below? Ofcourse you dont want to complicated text you cant see shit what it says, some places have that. But like the picture below. And the atlasloot window is a suggestion how it could KINDA look like were you should type the text, and the letter should be same "design" as the picture below. Well, you kinda get the picture, hopefully.

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    Urgh, nothing would annoy me more than than having to fill in a captcha while playing WoW. Though then again i hate the authenticator thing poping up :P I suppose it could work but people have got enraged by lesser things so i dont expect blizzard would ever use it.
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    would be really great at getting rid of bots, but not worth it. I would get so annoyed so fast with that.

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    This has been suggested over 9000 times. I wouldn't join a single BG if I had to fill a captcha even once Hate them already!

    Not to mention there's lots of captcha solving programs out there, and integrating one into a bot is effortless.

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    It's a nice idea, but i think there'd be more people complaining (at least publicly - hello forums!) by people about how it inconveniences them than people complimenting its efficiency at keeping out bots.

    But one thing is for sure, they need to do something. Bots are getting way out of hand.

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    I wouldn't mind it if the captcha didn't have its moments where it was illegible, it'd such to lose a queue just because you got an unreadable or confusing captcha (I, 1 and L being particularly annoying examples).
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