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    Keyboard Turner LadyBloom908's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2012
    Albany, NY
    Battle Tag: Candy#1220
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: First timer, played a Demon Hunter in beta (alittle)

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    Battle Tag: Tsimpson91#1838
    Region: NA (US)
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore for now, Hardcore later.

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    I'm an EU player that wants some friends to play through Nightmare and beyond with. Currently on Act 2, part 6,2.
    Add me on CreamyFlames#2230

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    Battle Tag: Drairon#1106
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore working towards Hardcore - First time playing any Diablo
    Difficulty/Act: Nightmare mode, close to the last act.

    I'm playing a Barbarian, it's currently level 45. I'm usually on anytime after 6:30pm EST.

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    Keyboard Turner
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    May 2012
    BattleTag: Lena#1203
    Region: US
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore

    I'm still a lowbie (LVL 11; Act I) because I have to study/work and I'm still playing WoW... so, yeah.

    Feel free to add me on Skype: helena.r.souza
    I also have Vent, TS, RC and Mumble.

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    BattleTag: Zeylex
    Region: Sweden

    I'm playing a Witch Doctor, im on lvl 38 and Act 2 on Nightmare

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    Battle Tag: Power#1760
    Region: US (Australia)
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore.

    I'd like to find some partners for speed leveling through some other classes. Have skype/vent/mumble(w/ guild server) - very easy going and good for laughs. Top 200 player, 2.2K+ arena exp looking to speed level a DH and/or Monk next week.

    From Australia playing on US servers - mainly play 9am-4pm AEST Tues-Fri (4pm-11pm PDT Mon-Thurs).

    PM me for skype/mumble details.

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    Field Marshal Fragrell's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Battle Tag:Murphey#2943
    Difficulty: Inferno Act II
    Playing Wizzy

    Edit: Currently farming Butcher, because I'm being molested by Belial.
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    Battle Tag: Elusive#1124
    Region: US
    SC/HC: Either - right now I am levelling my wizzy in SC but if there is a group of people interested in starting HC together I am there.
    Difficulty: for HC fresh start, for SC Nightmare

    I do have skype/vent/mumble if people are interested to make playing easier - friend/message me in game if youre interested - I mostly play in the afternoons and evenings EST.

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    Battle Tag: Humle#2566
    Region: EU
    SC/HC: Softcore
    Difficulty: Nightmare, Act 2.
    I play Wizard.
    I'm in no rush to get to next act / difficulty.

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    Battle Tag: Speedlag#2381
    Region: EU
    Softcore/Hardcore: Soft
    Difficulty/Act: HELL - act 2 start
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    Battle Tag: __
    Region: US (Australia)
    Normal (not Hardcore): INFERNO

    Currently looking for a solid monk/barb to tank Balial adds for co-op Balial downing.

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    Blademaster NecroFrYeR's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Northern Ohio, US

    Going Cow level for a couple hours...

    Going to be farming normal mode Cow level until i get the 200k to upgrade to nightmare, then gonna farm nightmare for rares and gold.

    Feel free to join up... US Servers..

    Battletag = NecroFrYeR#1906

    Im level 33, plz dont bring anything under like lvl 20 or ur gonna die, a lot.

    Cheers and happy ponying!

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    Battle Tag: Godly#1472:
    Region: North America:
    Difficulty/Act: Inferno/Act 1 ( 35k hp 5k Armor 40k dmg Demon Hunter) Hell/Act 2 (Lvl 54 monk); Nightmare/Act 1( Lvl 37 Wizard); Normal/Act 1 ( Lvl 9 Barb) :
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    Only death my pay for life

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    Battle Tag: just PM me if interested in what I am looking for.
    Region: Will play either if you fit what I am looking for
    Softcore/Hardcore: Hardcore
    Difficulty/Act: From the start duo always together

    I am looking for someone who will play HC with me during the times that I have the ability to focus on a HC char. The majority of my time spent in game I am not able to focus enough to play HC and typically and playing only 5-8 minutes out of every 10 with frequent afks and looking away from the screen due to having a 2 yr old. However, on weekends, during her nap time I want to play a duo HC with someone. Saturday and/or Sunday ~2:00-4:00 CST.

    I am not super picky about class, though my "main" in regular right now is a Barb so I have a better idea how to play him. If you fit my schedule and want to play a Barb though, I'll play a ranged of some sort or a monk. i am also not dead set on Duo, we could 3 or 4 man it if we find others interested enough to play on such a schedule.

    Please PM me if you are interested or have any further questions.
    Last edited by Lathais; 2012-05-24 at 04:31 PM.

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    Battle Tag: Speedlag#2381
    Region: EU
    Softcore/Hardcore: Soft
    Difficulty/Act: inferno, butcher farm or dark cellar goblin farm.

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    Europe, But can start on American if someone wants to go there!:
    Inferno on EU (act 1). New on American.:

    Basically, just lemme know if someone wants to play. I'm not bad, so to say. You can also reach me on Skype, But i rather not give it out in the thread, so just PM me if you are interested!

    I can speak English well in my opinion, and i'm from Sweden, so can obviously speak Swedish aswell.

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    LF Range Inferno Pony Lvl

    Looking for people to farm inferno pony lvl we are monk and DH u should be atleast act 4 in progress yourself and be one of those 3 classes WD Barbar Sorc if u want to farm with us write me a pm and i will give u my battletag
    also german with ts prefered but we will do with all people playing on EU server ^^
    (gear dropped for other people in the party will be given for free should be clear)

    p.s we are farming it with 2 people now and i also farm alone but with 4 people u get most loot for least time atleast if all do enough dmg :x i do 40k without Sharpshooter and 80k with

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    Battle Tag: Drogster#1893
    Difficulty/Act: Inferno Act I - Hell all acts

    In a nutshell; my upgrades started costing in millions so I've decided to host boosting games in Hell and Inferno - 2 people only. I can boost you in all Acts of Hell and only on Act I in Inferno. You don't have to fight - I'd prefer if you'd just stay out of trouble anyway. 400k an Act on Hell and Act I Inferno is 500k. Runs'll go fast - I can one or two shot pretty much everything.

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    Battle Tag:Hogz#2408
    Difficulty/Act:Nightmare Act I

    Looking for someone to do nightmare Difficulty and have a good time!

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