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    Diablo 3's secret level!!!

    So was playing today and picked up an item called "The Black Mushroom", which is a referance to diablo 1 item. What it also is, is an ingrediant used to make THIS http://diablonut.incgamers.com/item/...ff-of-herding2 Now, this is the hellish version of it, and not the normal version BUT you get 5 super rare ingrediants and make this staff, THEN you use it some how to go to the secret level, much like the cow secret level in Diablo 1. So if anyone has any info about how to get the items to make this staff or any screen shots of the secret cow level lets post um here! I'm excited to see what the gaming community can turn up!

    Picture of the Black mushroom in inventory.

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    There is an actual Secret Level in Diablo 3. Namely the Happy Unicorn Land as dubbed by the My Little Pony community or Whimsyshire, where all your dreams come true. It is filled with Carebears, Unicorns, and flowers all trying to kill you, albet in a terribly amusing way. To get to this place you need to construct the staff of herding, which is crafted by the blacksmith. The first thing you need is the recipe for the staff, which is easiest attained by killing Izual the betrayer in Act IV. There are numerous ingredients you need in order to craft the staff and a 50000 crafting fee. The ingredients are found as follows:
    Black Mushroom: This is most easily obtained in the Cathedral in Act I. You can find clusters of mushrooms throughout the cathedral.
    Wirts Bell: This is easily obtained by purchasing it from a merchant in the city in Act II. It costs 100000 gold
    Rainbow Dye: Obtained from the "Mysterious Cave" in act II. The cave is found by saving a merchant from the most far point to the south. He is surrounded by ghosts, and needs to be saved before the cave opens. If the merchant is not there, you can reload the quest until it appears.
    Chattering Gem: You can get this from a rare mob in act 3. It is found by exploring the plains where you destroy the siege engines. In this area there is a chance for multiple caves to spawn. In one of these there is the rare mob which spawns the gem.
    Leorics Shinbone: This is the most easily found of all the items. In Leorics manor. Turn right in the first room you can after entering, there is a fireplace there. If you have the spawn you will be able to rummage through a pile of wood. If the fireplace is empty. Repeat the process mentioned in the rainbow dye part.
    None of this joking means there will be any sort of secret level in Diablo III, and it certainly doesn't mean that there will be a secret level with rainbows and happy unicorns, etc. At this point the fans and designers are just having fun with this ridiculous concept, and amusing themselves by throwing the images and jokes back and forth. Whether they'll amount to anything that's actually in the game remains to be seen.
    After crafting the staff you will need to go back to Act I. Here you can either teleport to Old Tristram or simply walk there. If you choose to teleport, begin taking to road back to New Tristram. On the street you will see a dead cow lying there. As you approach is a Cow King spirit will appear. He will express his satisfaction that you bought the item and proceed to tell you that there is in fact, no cow level. Do not dispair here however. You will be offered the chance to go into a magical land of rainbows and dreams. Here you will enter the secret Happy Unicorn Land. The "quest" can be repeated unlimited times after crafting the staff in contrary to the secret cow level in Diablo 2.

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    Thank you for the excellent and informative post.
    Also this level is by far the funniest in the game, I love how they made fun of the "IT'S ALL RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS BAWW" cry posts that went on during its development. Can't wait to grind it endlessly until I succumb to the madness and puke rainbows too

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    Really wish people would learn to search before posting. Or even browsing for a second.

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