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    Wow the hunter set is the best ever.

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    Damn Blizzard to hell... Those Warlock horns are the greatest thing ever, but they attached them to a totally lame-#$% hood.

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    Hunter boots, what are those D: Top half looks brilliant, and it just seems as if they gave up after that

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    Hey sir.. there's something on my hunter's head.... I think you dropped your bucket

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    Theyre really loving the asymmetrical shoulders this expansion.

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    Yes! The new savage roar glyph ftw! Thank god it won't be so bad now, and I won't have infected wounds either

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    hunter set isnt that bad looks pretty good on BE, but I was holding out hope for it to be awesome.
    ps. you guys really shouldnt use male humans to show off new gear, they dont seem to ever make it look attractive lol

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    REALLY want to know where that Tiger Mount will be coming from. I love the Tiger mounts, but it's so hard to get a good one as Horde (farmed original ZG for ages with a mate for tiger mount.. Never dropped, saw revamped ZG panther drop once, didn't win it.) If I can't get a chance at this mount, looks like my JC will be working overtime to provide jewel tigers for my characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    Interesting Unleash Weapon change for Enhance
    There wasn't any change.

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    Yay, we can have own battle cats!!!

    Love that druid armor too.

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    I'm in a bad mood, I'm in such a bad mood I don't give a flying fuck if I get banned or not.

    All i gotta say is, whoever designs the druid tier gear is a fucking MORON. I would love to see the fucking dipshit that Blizzard pays to make such shitty fucking looking gear. Honestly, it looks like fucking shit. I want to see the person's face that makes such hideous looking trash. Someone please link me the person's face book or something, god damn I can't understand why WOW's gear looks like complete and epic shit since WOTLK.


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    It's a good thing they decided to add transmogrifying because lol. I didn't really expect them to make anything better than Gronnstalker, but come on! They could have at least tried.
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    Finally, a druid tier I like! Anyone complaining obviously hasn't seen that last two druid tiers >.<

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