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    No screaming dragon?

    Yes please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaynauk View Post
    Damn was hoping to see Garrosh roaring on screen.
    Haha nice idea Actually makes sense.

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    I have a feeling this isn't legit.

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    This looks too peaceful

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    Quote Originally Posted by TowerTom View Post
    I hope it doesn't come with russians talking everytime you login.
    Why do people keep mentioning Russians?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benizakura View Post
    Worst login screen ever.
    And you created an accound here just to say that. Let me guess. You wanted a chinese looking dragon landing on a big cup of noodles and then roaring?

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    Wow.. it doesn't have a dragon in it... yet...

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    far too plain and boring.
    Not enough animation.

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    looks like this guys? so it's ukrainian, not russians)

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    I'mokaywiththis.jpg =P

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    Love it. Looks really nice and peaceful!

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    Yeah there's not enough movement... at all...

    I like the idea it's really nice and i like the whole idea of this place awaits you etc etc... BUT Other than a few leaves (which btw look so out of place it's infront of the whole screen - not even in the background) moving about, it's just a picture...

    So we basically got a STILL background picture and they made some leaves scatter over your screen while it happens. Looks kind of half assed if you ask me - but i bet it'll change like the Cata one did.

    Cata used to be Maelstrom, then a Twilight Hammer cultist portal and finally deathwing on Stormwind. This will probably change too.

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    Not gonna lie, I like it. Someone said not enough animation, but I think it's a good representation of the desired tranquility in the land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuhnai123 View Post
    Cata used to be Maelstrom, then a Twilight Hammer cultist portal and finally deathwing on Stormwind. This will probably change too.
    But did those others ever actually make it to beta? I thought those were just prototypes they worked on that wouldn't have seen the light of day if they hadn't shown them at the Blizzcon art panel.

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    Fju-- no dragon at last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Why do people keep mentioning Russians?
    My guess is reference to yet another of those cheap TV comedy series that shape up the mind of the yanks ;D Same as "in soviet russia". Only the yanks can use the same retarded TV-show joke for years and still think it's somehow witty/funny %)
    Wow.. it doesn't have a dragon in it... yet...
    It's there! Behind the statues!! Watch closer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suggs View Post
    far too plain and boring.
    Not enough animation.
    Does it matter? How much time will you spend looking at it? =P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mexa View Post
    What do you call the sound the microwave does when it's done cooking? A ding. Granted, the sound you get when gaining a level is more like Brrrrrwwwwhing, but we call that a ding too.
    Of course I guess you could say: "Hey, chaps! I just gained an experience level"
    Whereas someone in your group would go "Congratulations!" To which you would reply: "I am laughing out loud", and you would have merry-good times, but the time gap between pulling packs in dungeons would increase radically.

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    I was hoping for an idle panda in the screen just looking around or bobbling or something, then every few minutes roaring... damn I are disappointed.

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    Eh... I find it kind of boring. Not something I really want to keep staring at like Wrath and Catas screens. I really like there to be something "living" and moving in the login screens... like the dragons? Love em. Maybe if there was a cloud serpent that flew by every once and a while it'd be more interesting (no, it doesn't have to roar, shush).

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    Told you so:

    ...though I had also envisioned a more vibrant one with two of them sparring while changing colors in a Shifting Seasons scheme depicting Alliance vs. Horde, Pandaren vs. Mogu and Heroes vs. Sha(Light and darkness etc.)

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