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    finally a new system it will be! please help and advise me (gaming monitors?)

    Hi champs!,

    so this is me and i want a new system now!

    Budged: about 1200 euro( + / - ).
    Im from Germany so i have to pay in euro. I will give you links to the shop were i will buy my parts (because they will build it for me). They have english descriptions too. i will buy my windows7 on amazon because its much cheaper there. everything else what i could buy somewhere else its not worth the hustle because of the small price changes.

    it should be made for: GAMING, from FPS(new games like bf3 and what is there to come and all the way down to the good old CS1.6) to everything till WoW and D3. (exept sports and racing and stuff for that i have my ps3 maybe..or i should buy an gamepad to solve that problem^^ but that is not important now). settings should be in the *HIGH range* (at least for singleplayer gaming, when i play BF3 multiplayer i can set the settings down if i have to.. dont know what way gives me some "advantage" far distance viewing will be better than the fog of war 1feet from my nose away right?)

    other things you need to know: I dont do any other things like 3d applications and this stuff (until now ). The OS i will get from amazon.de cause of the better price to my shop.

    Monitor: yeah the good old thing we all need.. i dont know really... im one of the old "pro"gamers wo ONLY use CRT Monitors due to the INPUTLAG who reacts faster gets the kill. and yeah there IS a difference between 60 and 100fps . BUT i think i want an flat monitor now. hope you can help me to finde one which is a good alternativ for an CRT monitor (still have 2 CRTs here ).

    So this is my setup for now: (thanks to chaud and his SOTM!)links goes to atelco.de (with english descriptions)
    CPU:Intel Core i5-3570K Tray, LGA1155
    Mainboard:ASUS P8Z77-V LX, Sockel 1155, ATX, DDR3
    RAM:8GB-Kit G-Skill RipJaws PC3-12800U CL9
    Case:Cooler Master HAF 912 schwarz, ohne Netzteil
    GPU:MSI R7850 TwinFrozr 2GD5/OC, 2048MB DDR5, PCI-Express
    PSU:Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 V2
    HDD:WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA 3 8,9cm
    CPUFan:Thermaltake Frio AdvancedorNoctua NH-D14(the porblem with the Noctua is that the shop probably wont build it in due to it could be damaged if shipped when it is build in, but i think i will pick it up from the shop so maybe they can build it in and i can bring it home safe?)

    So with that im at 954euro. plus assamble 20 euro and the 71 euro for the OS im at 1045 Euro.

    What i still need is the Monitor. Maybe an SSD?

    So my problems are: Were can i get some more for my money maybe? should i use the i7 maybe?
    what advantage gives me an SSD ? And should i only install the "OS System" on it? Or should i install even the most used games on it?
    is the GPU a good choice whe i overclock it (like chaud hint at?) and then maybe in the near future get a second 7850?

    Which monitor is good for gamers who feel the difference between a few small margins?

    hope you can help me thanks alot for lookin in!

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    An i7 sometimes actually benchmarks lower than the i5 for games, so don't bother there.

    If you have the money an SSD will make your system boot MUCH faster, and load times for any game you install on it will lower dramatically (less so for online games as some of the load time is the server telling your system what is there,) but they are pretty expensive, and once the system is booted/game is loaded you will not see much difference.

    The 7850 is about on par with the the gtx580, and with that I can play any game I have encountered at 1920X1200 resolution with 16X AA so it should be more than enough. On a game like BF3 you might have to turn down AA 1 or 2 notches, but from what I have seen going above 16X usually has little to no noticeable effects. Now, you may want to get a bit more if you want to max everything out with 60FPS, as in some games it can run as slow as 47FPS when all settings are at maximum.

    For the monitor, you will have to look at them yourself as I have a hard time navigating that site for some reason, but Just look for one that has a response time of 5ms or less in the size you want. A higher contrast ratio is nice, and if they are anywhere near the quality they are here in the US a samsung is the highest quality I have seen. You can get 120hz monitors but it will definitely increase the cost.

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    so thank you for your post that sounds pretty good for me till now..

    so what about maybe more RAM?

    i think the SSD can wait for some time at first... i saw the crazy speed which the system boots with when a SSD is present but i can wait a little to buy a SSD i think.

    about the monitors.. you can link from a different page i will search for it then or dont even buy it from the shop i will have my PC build from.

    i think about at least 22"

    and yeah should be reactiontime approved (mainly for FPS games).

    hope for some more advise soon


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    more RAM is pointless ATM.

    for a monitor you could look into the Asus mid range- VE236H, VE238H, VH236H, VH238H. These should all perform well and be around the price you want.

    If you can afford an SSD I would highly recommend buying it now instead of later. Something like the Crucial m4 128GB would be perfect.

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    thank you for your help.
    so i have the parts here i have to build it up now.
    i ordered a SSD too.
    i still need to find a monitor i think i will order some and try them.

    can you help me with the BIOS settings maybe? and can u show me a good tutorial for building a pc from scratch? i have some but i want to take a look at some other tuts maybe to get a little more safety

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