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    Asus X83V Laptop Video Card Upgrade

    From google searching I seem to have found that I have a MXM-II card possibly. Just wanted to make sure this is correct and what would be the best upgrade to get to play games like D3 and GW2.

    I run LoL on highest settings (excluding shadows), WoW on medium to high with little shadow, and even play starcraft 2 reasonably well on medium settings. For some reason my current video card, a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS, doesn't seem to like D3 or GW2 even though it maintains more then enough spec's for the games.

    Edit: Not looking to get up to Ultra settings + shadows if that is even possible. Just maintain my current settings and allow my self to pick up D3 and GW2 amongst some other possible choices.
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    Diablo 3 has the 7800 GT listed within their minimum requirements - the 9300M GS is much weaker. To give some point of reference, the 9300M GS is weaker than the built-in Intel HD Graphics 2000 found in most modern low-end Sandy Bridge-based laptops and notebooks.

    Thing is, exchanging components in a laptop this old is not worth it because the gain will be small and the cost will be great. It's time to save up for a new system I'm afraid.

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    what Marest said, and it's also usually not possible on laptops
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    Boo. That's what I figured but was also afraid of. I'm working enough but it is quite a hassle while paying for myself to go to a state school haha. I've been looking to build my own desktop, probably what is gonna happen then.
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