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    The paladin's origin

    "Humble (Humility), honest (Honesly), mercy (Compassion), brave (Valor), Justice (Justice), Sacrifice (Sacrifice), the Honor (Honor), spirit (Spirituality)"
    - - - knight the eight virtues

    About WOW

    About the Paladin (Paladin) the word, is in fact has been translation errors, we often say Paladin should in fact translation as "holy warrior" of that, this translate only use in Taiwan. The first have to the paladin from Charlie 12 of the mighty men, and they are from barbarians heroic warrior. They believe in Christianity, and and to abide by a number of barbarians soldier's code. And for the glory in a fair fight, the symbol of the law is finally evolved into a knight of existing code.

    In A.D. 500 years or so, barbarians conquered the Roman empire, set up for life, Western Europe in most into its territory, and later Pope called him "the real Roman", and crowned him for Charlie mann emperor.

    In Charlie mann of the emperor in history, the twelve bodyguard sets a han horse credit, the twelve is:

    1. The greatest knights Roland (Roland), Charlemagne Cousins;
    2. Loren reputation second only to class (Montalban) at the barbarians lee take degree (Rinaldo), the CEO of distant relatives;
    3. The archbishop tobin (Turpin), second only to Merlin (Merlin) wizard;
    4. The sorcerer and demon people marat gigi (Malagigi);
    5. Be six fairy blessing WangZiAo Denmark Jill (Ogier);
    6. Not listed jotham King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Brittany), Solomon;
    7. England YiSiTuo handsome put (Astolpho);
    8. The ink (Namo) method and the Duke of mai hing industrial (Duke of Favaria);
    9. Saxon people brought BaLaSi Syria (Fierambras);
    10. The Lord of the tower of forest, one of the greatest knights, eph ROM. Les matt (Florismart);
    11. Roland, friends from way back, Oliver (Oliver)
    12. California (Ganelon) traitor, RON

    They are the earliest twelve paladin (or called paladin), a symbol of the Christian Jesus twelve disciples. Among them the paladin Roland story widely circulated. Including unofficial history and the official has about his record. The last of the great death knight in California lung (Ganelon) to sell. The story is this:

    "Charlemagne emperor tried to do our best to in Spain and the Saracen was to play a game of war. Long betrayed frank Oregon army, cheat Charlemagne will all paladin arrangement in the defender forces, this unit includes a total about twenty thousand knight and warrior. When defender through the Roncesvalles 塧 way, they were a team of more than one hundred thousand saracens forces ambush, although the enemy more than five times as much as in the breakthrough, they lost almost all forces, Roland, and his holy warriors are still killed all the Saracen was.
    Roland sent some win. He was so brave battle, so that all of the enemy's all WangFengErTao. Look in sight of victory, but in this survive dozens of "good" to celebrate victory before fifty thousand saracens reinforcements to come back. This time, the strange thing is that Roland and his companions realize that they would die moment of true is near, although they tried hard to, only two people lived to finally: the archbishop figure peace Roland himself.
    They are surrounded by the enemy, Roland take him magic horn Olivant, trying to blow the horn, and the emperor Charlemagne to is too far away to the signal to rescue army, the trumpets told them, "Roland and his companions will fall, the vengeance for them." The third time he blew a trumpet when the force too scary, horn fracture in two, and the birds of the air to promote but death, Roland peel the helmet show face, all enemy scarper are confused.
    But it's too late, the archbishop of the dying request Roland will other twelve paladin body moved to his side, let him in his own collapse before death forgive their sin. The CEO alone, no turning back, only waiting for orders of the death. He waved his ShengJian duran del (Durandal slam rock, and try to handle this ShengJian destroy avoid plunging into evil saracens people. But the hand of the sword is so tough, so he can only, as if imitate the legend of king Arthur as it into the water-throw the hidden. Then he never made a deathbed and confessed, swear allegiance to god, and finally facing the enemy die!"

    Be worth what carry is, in tolkien magical masterpiece of The rings (" The Lord of ring "), died gondor club also has a's sylvain only horn, his image is derived from The paladin Roland, and because his image is from dole tobin and merlin. This shows, Cardiff is a Vatican dole paladin (the original introduced him to the western people, young, but has never in aging, he calls himself in gray pilgrims), see here, then we can understand why the Vatican husband seldom use magic dole, because his main combat or by the sword. He is a paladin.

    Roland died, knight and no decline, but instead into a golden period. In the latter half of the eighth century, Europe gradually entered to the feudal society time of transition, at this time the knight spirit gradually carry forward, became a symbol of honor, and those who have taught by knight will often because has awarded exploits the paladin title, the title is not only the glory is also a kind of practical benefits, the knights is it. After that, all the squire will become true knight won by former entered the church teaching, while those who were fired by knight will teach frustrated life, even after her death as a vampire.

    The real paladins life abide by the knight standards, their life poor, and general knight-lord different. These great warrior in old age will often choose austerity after to reduce their own iniquity, and they are god's firm believers. The paladin believe the prayer of the word before battle for power is a kind of method, so the paladin and it is from the combination of a product, they are the embodiment of the spirit of god, god will carrier in the fight to the enemy's most severe blow. They eradicate evil, is all evils buster, also is the justice and powerful symbol.

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