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    Beta keys Woohoo!
    Replying for beta!

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    Beta! Give it to me plz!

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    Hey i need a Beta Key!

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    Hello! I'd like a key please

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    Can I has cheez... err no... beta key ?

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    please give me a beta key to help contain the pain of being a leafs fan

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    Might as well throw my name into the mix... for shiggles.

    *shakes her fist at the "gods" of luck*

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    It'd be nice if I get a key but still excited for MoP!

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    Beta key and i will run down the street wearing nothing but a sticker of MMO-Champ.

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    Well, this is my entry for my chance at a beta key. To everyone that is posting as well, good luck to all of you. and here's hoping for the best.

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    I really hope i get lucky enough to win a key. Shamans on MoP will rock! Want to play them fast

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    I'd like to have a Panda Beta Key <3
    But as I know my luck... %-D

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    wtf lol we love beta <3!

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    Rolling for my chance!

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    This is my professional beta key application. Do you need my resume or anything?

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