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    Devil May Cry
    Lollipop Chainsaw

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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    1) Solitaire
    2) Diablo 3
    3) WoW

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    USA, SC, Myrtle Beach
    Not really any 3 games atm... not interested in any games other than DOTA 2 really =\

    1. Dota2 (Play this a ton)
    2. Diablo 3 (sometimes play for ah)
    3. Tribes ascend (sometimes play)

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Diablo 3

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    The World
    1. Final Fantasy XIV (Leveling & getting ready for 2.0)
    2. Runescape (Going for a spot in the top 1000 on the Highscores)
    3. Naruto ultimate ninja storm generations (Not a huge fan of fighting games, but am in love with the gameplay style)

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    Diablo 3
    World of Warcraft
    Just found my old gameboy so Pokémon Red/Silver!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entis View Post
    1. Final Fantasy XIV (Leveling & getting ready for 2.0)
    2. Runescape (Going for a spot in the top 1000 on the Highscores)
    3. Naruto ultimate ninja storm generations (Not a huge fan of fighting games, but am in love with the gameplay style)
    I'm in the very same situation, not too fond of fighting games but good god I'm in love with the ultimate ninja storm games!
    Cave Cave Deus Videt

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    Not in order and besides wow

    Dead Nation
    Mario Kart (snes)
    Mortal Kombat (2011)

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    runescape (that new combat beta is taking up a lot of my time)

    not much else atm since I quit WoW, I am quite bored.

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    World of Tanks
    Diablo 3
    Sins of a solar empire

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    I'm the pillow you sleep on at night.
    Tribes: Ascend
    Pokemon Ruby
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Mainly the new Face-off 1v1 and 2v2 mode.
    "I CAN USE MYSELF AS A BLOCK" - Mike B aka Fony, Platforming Master

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    The pumpkin patch
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Sims 2
    Fallout: New Vegas

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    1) Skyrim
    2) Mass Effect 3
    3) I guess Diablo 3, although I haven't logged in recently. Probably going to get booted in favor of a Deus Ex marathon I plan on starting. I *think* I finished everything I'm going to on Skyrim until I can get Dawnguard, although I do still lack that Daedra achievement.... k, brb.

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    Eve Online

    That's it. Not playing all that much Eve either, I just don't have time to play games during summer.

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    CS 1.6
    League of legends

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    Chrono Cross for my PS1 fix.
    Diablo 3 (waiting on GuildWars2)

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    1. Diablo 3
    2. League of legends
    3. World of Warcraft


    Diablo 3 most of the times, LoL when i am in need of player vs player action and WoW when im terribly bored with both games.

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    1. WoW
    2. Starcraft 2
    3. Skylanders (I don't really play it, just needed a third, reminds me of that stupid My Little Pony stuff ..)
    Duck walks into a bar, says to the bartender, "Got any grapes?" Bartender says no, duck says "Got any grapes?" "No" "Got any grapes?" "NO!" "Got any--" "If you say got any grapes one more time I'm going to nail your bill to the wall..." "Got a nail?" "No." "Got any grapes?"

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    1. WoW
    2. Suikoden II
    3. Apollo Justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Not including MMO's (since I'm playing about 4-5 of them on and off at any given time...)

    Emperor: Battle for Dune
    Velvet Assassin
    Tron 2.0

    I was feeling nostalgic and needed to play a few old favorites. That and playing Velvet Assassin, I reminded myself how horrible at stealth games I am -_-
    Holy shit Emperor: Battle for Dune! I played the shit out of that when that came out, I recently dropped 80 bucks on a newish copy to play it again, perhaps I should continue with that.

    For right now:
    1: Tribes Ascend
    2: Diablo 3
    3: Dota 2
    4: Magic 2013
    5: Final Fantasy IX
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    1. Starcraft 2
    2. SC2
    3. Starcrafto dos


    Took a lot of time off World of warcraft because I couldn't get into a good guild... so just gave up, plus cataclysm was boring. So sc2 is the only game i'm playing currently. Was playing LoL but don't have a consistent team to play with and pugs are terribly bad or just flat out rude.

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