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    Send button ain't working for me either it seems.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellspawnxxx View Post
    Thank god you posted that pic done by Da Vinci The vitruvian man because to be honest I had NOOOO Idea what a Human body looked liked therefor had NO idea what you were refering too. With that said the sylvari are made of lettuce. If I twist up some cabage leaves too look like a human, it doesnt make it monohuman.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    That picture has four arms and four legs. It's not a human, so it's clearly a spider.

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    GW2 is still on beta, has to manage some pvp balances yet and after some time I can accept it being an E-Sport.

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    Sent! Had problems with the send button, but fixed it by using different browser other than Firefox. :-)

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    GW2 isnt even released yet, right now there are some pretty big issues that make me say its just not eSports worthy yet. Maybe they get there with changes and tweaks in the future. But right now, its not. And we dont know if it ever will. And as such i cannot vote for GW2 to be an e-olympic game.
    Infact none of the RPG games are anywhere near competitive play. GW2 is looking like the best on the list, ill give it that, as the other options are just a laughable joke.

    WoW an olympic game? Are they serious? lolololol fotm classes in fotm comps, tunneling 1 guy till he just drops dead. Yah, thats fun and skillfull.
    D3? Ow dont get me started. What are you gona do? Speedrun? Goodluck, everyone plays the same class with the same build that has been proven to be best. And whoever has the most luck with the Champion packs wins. PvP? Ow you meant pay to win? Neither sound interesting to watch.
    And ow lawdy, Skyrim!? What on earth is competitive about Skyrim? Again, everyone exploiting the same glitches, the same builds and following the same guides. Lucky random events determine whoever does anything the fastest. Again, just like D3, Skyrim is great to play but awefull to watch speedruns. It breaks the whole game immersion.

    The FPS choices are also, a joke, excluding CS1.6 ofcourse which is build on one of the most established competitive FPS games of all times, no contest.
    And i dont even think consoles have any right being in the fps genre, a truely competitive, cutting edge competitive scene. Aim assist and clumsy controls, PC is infinitely more skilled and the gameplay much more on a knives edge then a console could ever be.

    I could go on ranting about how commercialized this all seems rather then actually looking at the aspects that makes a game something that would really be good in a competitive scene. And itll bite them in the ass because they are just throwing it up to whoever can mobilize a fanbase enough to vote for "their" title, rather then picking titles that are actually competitive AND fun to spectate.

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