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    Kill Target Priorities

    Alright guys, so I play a resto shammy and I feel like directing my DPS team mates in 3s really helps since they tend to tunnel vision. However, I'm not quite sure what's the best to focus in each situation and so I'm wondering what you all think should be focus priority as far as ease of kills go?

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    its much easier for a healer to call out people that are over extending in situations because people can be focused on making sure a kill goes down ... you have a wider view of the arena esp if your running with melee classes because of your positioning

    also you didnt say what comp you run so its hard to list which targets should be priority's for you

    the only thing i could really say that would assist you in anyway shape or form for 3v3 arena is ... communication is number 1

    when i drop into 3s everyone is calling things "this target is over extending" " he just trinketed my cc hard switch to the healer" etc etc

    the more u work together the further you will progress

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    Also at least from a hunter point of view the best target is always the one that is not hiding. So if someone gets too comfortable and comes out in the open you can blow him up with a strong switch.
    "Druid must be boss, Hunter is just Drain-monkey.

    Hunter scatter this rogue.
    Hunter drain that priest.
    Hunter where is frost trap. Bad Hunter! No banana!
    Hunter where is flare? No flare, you get replaced by retarded warrior!"


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