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    Friend finder.

    After participating in the League of Legends forums for sometime now, I've yet to see a post about finding new people to casually play with.
    I for one am always looking for experienced people to play with but also don't mind helping newer lower level players learn the ropes as well.
    So those of you looking for more friends simply copy what is below and expect friend requests.

    Summoner name :
    Favorite champ :
    Least Favorite Champ :
    Extremely competitive? :
    Do you rage? :
    Preferred role :
    Able to perform roles :
    Region :
    Age (optional) :
    Gender (optional) :

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends :

    I'll begin.

    Summoner name : Fwish
    Favorite champ : Hard one... I'd have to say Lux
    Least favorite champ : Easy one ... Darius, Just too unskilled of a champ with far too much damage output.
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role : Mid AP
    Able to perform roles : All roles, have runes / champs and masteries for all
    Region : North america
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends? : The constant variation that comes with all Player versus Player games, Not like Player versus environment where the script will never change, Every game in LoL will always be different in some way.
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    I noticed Diablo had a matchmaking thread and was curious why LoL doesn't really have one, so props for making this one. :P

    Summoner name : Illuviel
    Region: EU-W
    Favorite champ : Lux
    Least Favorite Champ : Kayle
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No. Rage is depressing and it kills the fun.
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : AD ranged/melee, support, tank, jungle
    Age (optional) : 25
    Gender (optional) : Male

    I'm not a bad player, but I've been put off PvP because people in randoms are just so SO rude it destroys any kind of fun the game could give. It just takes one bad game with rude people to erase the memory of the good games before it. So I ended up mainly playing against bots, the problem with that being when I try to join custom Proving Grounds games, someone will usually say "omfg kick 88 wins noob". Oh people.

    Hopefully this thread will be useful for matchmaking people who have the same ideals and likes within LoL. And maybe I'll be able to join pvp games again.
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    Summoner name : Necronomitron
    Favorite champ : Probaly Rumble
    Least Favorite Champ : Teemo, that thing annoys me
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No, im extremely calm
    Preferred role : Don't really have one. I preffer a solo lane to so bot is my least favourite
    Able to perform roles : All of themm, but only have one rune page complete for now ( Ap one )
    Age (optional) : 23
    Gender (optional) : Male
    Region: EUW
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    Summoner name : DontFocusMeLol
    Favorite champ : Lee Sin
    Least Favorite Champ : Mundo (WAY too simple..)
    Extremely competitive? : Nope.
    Do you rage? : Hardly ever. Even if I do I usually keep it to myself
    Preferred role : Any solo lane (Jungle / Mid / Solo Top)
    Able to perform roles : Anything and everything, though my experience as support is limited.
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends? : Though I'm not competetive, I enjoy the competition. Unlike some I like being versatile and playign with a different champion each game, though I usually pick a single role. However, I like to play with people that have reached level 30 and have the basic understanding of how the game works (eg what each champion's spells are and how to avoid / prevent / diminish them, how to juke, how to manage your resources, etc) Would be nice to find like minded casual players.

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    Keep 'em comin' ppl. The more the merrier.

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    Summoner name : I have so many at different levels :3
    Favorite champ : Anivia
    Least Favorite Champ : Darius
    Extremely competitive? : Nope
    Do you rage? : Nope
    Preferred role : Mid AP/Support
    Able to perform roles : Every role though jungler and ADC are my least favourite.
    EDIT: Forgot a question
    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : I love how the game is always evolving. How new playstyles are always being discovered and the release rate of new champions. The game is always changing and has managed to captivate me and many others with only 1 maps for over 3 years.
    Region: NA
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    You should probably (have) add(ed) region to the template.

    Summoner name : Happybucket
    Region: EUW
    Favorite champ : Probably Fizz
    Least Favorite Champ : Draven
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : No
    Preferred role : Mid
    Able to perform roles : Solo top/mid/support/ranged ad carry
    Age (optional) : 23
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends: As opposed to MMOs (which is the only other genre I like), LoL is pretty skill-dependant, so as a good player you really have a chance to shine

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    Summoner name : Polyman911 (Main), Paulleeman (Smurf)
    Region: NA
    Favorite champ : Taric
    Least Favorite Champ : Basically any Assassin champion because I hate how I can't play them well.
    Extremely competitive? : Not at all.
    Do you rage? : I only get mad at myself sometimes.
    Preferred role : I'm quite happy with playing anywhere.
    Able to perform roles : I'm still learning how to Top Lane so I ain't that great yet. I can hold my own in any other role though although I'm still working on counter jungling tactics as a Jungler.
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : This is my first MOBA game and I was really drawn in by how much strategy this game involves and the versatility it allows for. This is one of the few games that makes me shout at my computer in joy or anxiousness and sometimes I'm laughing so far I end up dying from not paying attention. If you play with me, I ain't the most attentive player but I'm always having a good time while playing.

    I recently made a stream where I mainly play D3, LoL, and WoW. Help me make it better! Will usually be up between 5pm - 1am EST.

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    Summoner name : Neromende
    Region : EUW
    Favorite champ : No idea, I chop and change alot. Mundo maybe, Nautilus too uhm Ezreal yeah I play alot of champs.
    Least Favorite Champ : Uhm Yorick. Just don't like laning against him, my play style is too aggressive and against Yorick there is no point in being aggressive.
    Extremely competitive? : Can be sometimes being honest. I don't like losing over silly mistakes, I also don't mind losing because of being outplayed.
    Do you rage? : Sometimes :P
    Preferred role : Jungle
    Able to perform roles : Im pretty decent at most, maybe not the best support but I do try.
    Age (optional) : 23
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends:

    I love the fact that every game is a fresh start. Unlike WoW PvP where you grind gear and someone can just be better geared than you and win every time, in LoL you get a fresh chance each game. I like the fact the game is free to play and there is nothing in the game you can by for cash that will alter the gameplay at all (No Pay to Win).

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    Ya'll Are correct, I did forget to put in the

    Region : question, it would be a tad hard to play cross regions, It's edited in OP
    Peace please.

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    Summoner name : Kuthe
    Favorite champ : Wukong
    Least Favorite Champ : Trynd
    Extremely competitive? : Not on this account
    Do you rage? : Only if I'm provoked.
    Preferred role : Jungler
    Able to perform roles : I excel in Jungle, but I can pull off any role easily.
    Region : NorthAmerican!
    Age (optional) : 19
    Gender (optional) : Male
    We stopped searching for monsters under our beds when we realized that they were inside us.

    Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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    Summoner name : Polar Opposite
    Favorite champ : Malphite
    Least Favorite Champ : Well, it WAS Evelynn... But now she's been remade. Hmm... LeBlanc?
    Extremely competitive? : Only in ranked.
    Do you rage? : I keep it to myself if I do.
    Preferred role : Don't have a preferred role. I play what's needed.
    Able to perform roles : All.
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 23.
    Gender (optional) : Male.

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    Summoner name : Jontie
    Favorite champ : Ryze/Blitz
    Least Favorite Champ : Brand
    Extremely competitive? : not at all, I play for fun; winning is a bonus
    Do you rage? : never.
    Preferred role : Support/Top/Mid
    Able to perform roles : all, my jungle is weak though
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) : 24
    Gender (optional) : Male

    Looking for some competent but casual players for some games, i get on most days for a few. Possibly could Duo queue ranked if we get on?

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    Summoner name: Mest yo
    Favorite champ: Malphite, Anivia, Alistar
    Least Favorite Champ: Uh. Idk, probably Fizz. Hate that fish.
    Extremely competitive?: In ranked, fairly. In normals, lol no.
    Do you rage?: I guess I rage at ragers. Does that count?
    Preferred role: Mid.
    Able to perform roles: Mid/AD/support. Fairly decent jungle with a few select champions.
    Region: EU NE.
    Age (optional): 22
    Gender (optional): Man
    Other: I usually play with IRLs and friends to them. We rarely play with non-swedes but invite other swedes to join us.

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    Summoner name : JollyLady (Was supposed to be JollyLaddy but I forgot a d)
    Favorite champ : Nocturne, Shyvana, Eve, Maokai
    Least Favorite Champ : Lee Sin, Nautilus (hate relying on my lanes, don't mind with friends, but hate playing in solo)
    Extremely competitive? : Depends. If normals blind/draft I don't really mind much of anything. Losing hard is funny to me, but I won't take them seriously. Playing ranked I'm extremely competitive.
    Do you rage? : Only in ranked. Normals don't bother me at all
    Preferred role : Jungle. I play aggressive junglers very well. I am not as skilled with Naut, Alistar also meh since I tend to have issues with lanes.
    Able to perform roles : I'm good at top, okay mid and ADC, very decent as Alistar/Soraka support.
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 20
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : the general strategy of the game, and how it, to me, is a constantly evolving game of tactics and quick action. Love the entire competitive scene and the "mean" community at times.

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    Summoner name : Snuggles Galore
    Favorite champ : Akali
    Least Favorite Champ : Fizz. Troll pole. Ugh.
    Extremely competitive? : To a degree
    Do you rage? : Nope
    Preferred role : AD Carry
    Able to perform roles : AD > Top > Mid
    Region : NA
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : I enjoy the esports aspect of it. Watching the tournaments has been a lot of fun.

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    Summoner name Ravenshollows
    Fav champion either darius/olaf
    Least fav ?
    Competitive nah
    Rage fairly depends on day just say somthing
    Rolls Tank
    Age 21

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    Summoner name : Renekten (hurrdurr original I know)
    Favorite champ : Anivia
    Least Favorite Champ : Soraka
    Extremely competitive? : Sometimes, but usually in ranked only, if I find the courage to play them .
    Do you rage? : No, I tend to be extremely calm and relaxed.
    Preferred role : Anything that isn't support, I'm beyond terrible at support.
    Able to perform roles : See above
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) : 16
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : Trying to get better at it (and maybe get out of elo hell someday ) and simply have fun playing it with friends ^^.

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    Summoner name : Yusifer
    Favorite champ : Ahri
    Least Favorite Champ : Heimerdinger
    Extremely competitive? : Not really
    Do you rage? : No, I don't get mad easily.
    Preferred role : AP mid
    Able to perform roles : Jungle
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) : 26
    Gender (optional) : Male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : The noticable progress you make with every game to get better and having fun at this game. I only play normal games (blind pick) for now till I'm experienced enough for ranked (hitted lvl30 on 7th July). Would love to play more with people on my friendlist, don't have a lot of people on that list yet.

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    Summoner name : s3kii
    Favorite champ : GP, Nunu, Yorick, Irelia, Ahri
    Least Favorite Champ : Any ad carry
    Extremely competitive? : No
    Do you rage? : I rage on mindless action
    Preferred role : something tanky
    Able to perform roles : top, mid, jungle, support
    Region : EUW
    Age (optional) : 21
    Gender (optional) : male

    What do you enjoy about League of Legends : Everything is the same, but yet, different, never can get boring on Fields of Justice.
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