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    [A] Fate (8/8h) is Recruiting for Mist of Pandaria

    Fate is a 8/8 heroic 10 man Alliance Raiding guild on Dalvengyr. We are a progression Pve guild, but we also do Rated Battlegrounds when we are not raiding. When MoP hits our offtank is going heals since one of our healers is quitting the game. So we are looking for 1 off tank that can offspec dps.
    Currently Recruiting:
    Blood Deathknight,
    Feral Druid,
    Brewmaster Tank,
    and exceptional raiders!! <3

    Progression Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. 8pm-12am est

    If you have any other questions, feel free to msg me in game about anything. whisper me on either Vallyz(main), Pepsí (alt 161), or Keira

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