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    It's funny how ppl just say "It's no big deal it's just LFR". I have been in groups that kept wiping because all the healers was cheating their ilvl to get in. I agree that in LFR you can carry ppl easy, but only if the rest of the group is good. I've seen many groups lately be fails.

    I'm not sure where all the courtesy for other players/ppl has gone. Doesn't matter what role I was playing, I always made sure I was geared for the content and could pull my weight. Now days I see a fury warrior enter as a tank with a 2h in one hand and a shield in the other. Yea maybe you can tank as fury with your guilds but why put the rest of the group, or the healer through that?

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    You've got two options.

    A: Do the LFR in the gear that you have got and hope the other healers are good enough to pick up the slack
    B: Spam some HoT HC's in your main spec and grab whatever gear you can get your hands on, while spending the VP/JP to buy the gear to fill in the gaps, then go do some LFR's

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    The LFR is one big fucking joke. You got afk-ers (yes, imagine that!), people who need on everything even if they already have it or have even better, people who have no clue about tactics, etc and the bosses still go down without many issues.

    The LFR is much like an interactive cartoon, where you have a very small chance at winning an item at the end, if you manage to hit a high roll through the horde of ninjas.

    So yeah, DO IT like you mean it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    i'm currently facing a dilemma. i'm trying to build a holy set on my paladin (yeah, i know, MoP is in 2 months...), however, due to several non-exalted reps, low currency amounts and barely any gold, i'm missing both trinkets, a helmet, a necklace, shoulders and bracers. most of the rest is only 346 or even 333, with my best item being the 397 shield from warmaster. I can't link my armory because i'm in retri gear atm. I'm also completely ungemmed and unenchanted. my gear is too bad to even think about healing HoT heroics solo. however, i'm considering to join LFR with the gear i currently have and let the other healers balance for my poor performance. I know, it's a dick move and completely unethical, but i don't see any other option. going through the entire gear grinder again by farming normals, heroics, zandalari heroics and hour of twilight heroics would still be quite a challenge.

    I'm hoping some of you could give your opinion on this.
    join, do your best, but if it looks like the raid really cant progress becuae of a healing issue, duck out.
    Worth trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlacoatl View Post
    join, do your best, but if it looks like the raid really cant progress becuae of a healing issue, duck out.
    Worth trying.
    in the end, this is what I did. first run, i got kicked right before Zon'Ozz, second run, i left after zon'ozz because of healing issues.

    for the record, i only managed 4K HPS.
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    Even with bad gear youll do better than most if you're not semi-afk. People are tired of lfr : p

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