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    MC/Tekkit noob LF Small mature Tekkit server with Voicecomms

    Hi all,

    I'm a 28 year old guy from the Netherlands hyped up by Yogcast and there Tekkit movies. Trough this way i would like to see if there's any small server available with mature players (20+) to play and learn Tekkit with. Voicecomms would be nice for communication purposes.

    Ingame name : sycowoei

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    om the Netherlands hyped

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    im riding the hype train myself trying to learn tekkit as well.
    looking for pretty much the same thing

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    I'd be keen too! I played single player tekkit but got bored quite quickly

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    Hellow, I just changed my rented server into Tekkit, its up 24/7, located in sweden.
    Server adress is!

    Im using worldedit to adjust the land a little bit so its a little more fun to play, other than that its pure survival mode with the usual no grief
    trying to make a yogscast like factory, will be fun : )
    Oyeah, use the Sphax texture pack, even more yogscast-ish while playing
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    I have activated the whitelist reason being is everything getting griefed in about 1 day being away, so im going to activate the whitelist while im on only, and add people who play in a mature way ONLY, so try to show your best side while im on, its probably around 7pm (+1gmt) some days

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    Hey, I was playing on your tekkit server to yesterday and I got really advanced at tekkit because of a few people there, and I'd be be happy of I could get whitlisted back on or just to come again, thanks. Oh and my minecraft name is boxofdirt
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    HI IsaacG

    I have been playing on your server now for the past 2 days and have really enjoyed my time there. I am new to tekkit and the people there have been very helpful. I would like to be added to the whitelist so I can continue to build there. I have a small base on an island far from everyone so i can learn my skill and look forward to helping out in big project someday. In fact i was the guy stuck in the nether when yo did the 2 day roll back. I hate griefers and enjoy helping others. My in-game name is : Hashpipe

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    I was told I got white listed but I left and later when I'm trying to come back it's telling me I'm not white listed, can you please fix it?

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    Hello, my IGN is Tylera102 and I was really enjoying playing on your server, I was decently advanced on your server ( more than I have on any other server,) and would love to be whitelisted and would be very happy if you did. I never had any problems with anyone on the server and I'm generally quiet on chat.
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    Boxofdirt, I said you were NOT added to the whitelist, now for the third time, you never were.

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    Why can't I get whitlisted I don't think I've something wrong, im sorry if I have but can I please be on the server it's so much hfun.... There aren't any other servers that have a free world...please? I'll stop doing what ever I did wrong before

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    Isaac I'm also posting the reasons message here because I'm not sure if my message was sent or not, Sorry I really feel like I'm boasting doing this but on your server I've never greifed, or swore on the server I'd follow what I'd expect to be the regular obvious rules, I'm freinds with sparkles of and joz, I'm starting to learn tekkit and other servers are all mega greifed... Plus I want to come back because I was finally understanding tekkit because of some of the people that I had talked to but if I can get white listed I'll not talk as much in it anymore, and if you have other requests I can follow.

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    i didn't steal your stuff it was a server rollback because it happened to me too ask hashpipe and jhonny they know me my name is ye_im_smithy

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    hash can you tell him i didnt steal his stuff its me ye_im_smithy
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    I dont think they wont anyone to play with them, i knowyou didnt steal anything and during the rollback i lot everything. It sucked but i just rebuilt bigger and better far away from everyone. I have know idea if they will ever let anyone get whitelisted. let me know if you find a new place to play

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    I have added plenty of people

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    but you havnt add us who wanna play?

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    Let me know to I'm getting boared of playing tekkit single player

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    Took your advice dude made my own server, but I'm running it on the somputer I use, only three slots though so just come on and I'll make it more later but just the cool people that were on that server, ip is

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    thats great, have fun

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