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    Problem with SivHD guides is that some of them actually make a lot, a LOT of sense and are a good guideline, see Nidalee or Shaco ones for example... And then there's AP Trundle one. A bit misleading for a newbie who does not know the good from the trololol. ;D
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    Tiamat Shyvana+Orianna.

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    Fiora solo top, Ahri mid, Caitlyn solo bot.

    2 Junglers - nunu for our jungle, and diana to counter.

    Dunno how it worked but it was amazing. You have to have good solo lane champs, even just for defense. Double Ganks were overpowered, their jungler was completely shut down and they ended up surrendering at 20. It was pretty amazing but i can see that it wouldn't normally work.

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    support paradigm

    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    Problem with SivHD guides is that some of them actually make a lot, a LOT of sense and are a good guideline, see Nidalee or Shaco ones for example... And then there's AP Trundle one. A bit misleading for a newbie who does not know the good from the trololol. ;D
    I agree.

    Five supports. At least it was what we said, but for some reason one of us didn't chose, so random.
    Here we are with Lulu, support Blitz and Orianna, Karma and random Olaf. Invade, then all mid, naturally we moved all together. We win this game so fast, four of us giving Olaf fast free kills, we didn't believe what was happening.
    Probably the funnier game ever for me.

    Another funny moment was to see Rammus escape from a lost teamfight helped by Lulu, Zilean, Gangplank and Sona. And the reaction of the ennemy team, sure to get this free Rammus kill.

    I'm aware this thread is getting old, but it deserves a up.

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    all smite all port, start all mid smite the minions take the tower immediately, have someone put a ward bot before the start, everyone port bot take bot tower... win.
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    Me and friends were running a split push only comp. We kept the rule that unless you tp in you cannot have more then 3 in one lane. We feed all game and still one easily, they just could not keep up with us at all. It is such a "noob" stomping tactic as they never send the right amount back and you can just take objective after objective. I mean fair enough playing standard we'd have crushed them, but this was much more fun

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    Jayce top
    Lux mid
    Cho jungle
    Cait ADC
    Sona support

    harro poke
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    We did a twisted treeline triple stacked adc, and we all rushed hurricane.

    Teemo, Twitch, and... someone else I forget.

    We did work! To be honest though just sticking together was probably the biggest reason for the win, and not the unorthodox team make up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxigen View Post
    Jayce top
    Lux mid
    Cho jungle
    Cait ADC
    Sona support
    This is a crazy strategy? Sounds like a typical boring run of the mill no thought involved solo queue

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    5man TP and then eventually Homegaurd. Ward up enemy blue and red @lv1 and do some gankings! hella fun

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    5adc's with promo tele. All go top so that when the enemy realise wtf is going on, they'll have a long way from bot to top, while you're 5v1. Promote your minions for easier tower tanking and faster minion killing. Die? Teleport back to lane. Usually, unless their team goes 5 top aswell you'll win because of being 5v2 or 5v3.
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    Such a pity Promote has been removed

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    All teleport, Sona, Amumu and Heimerdinger should be involved.

    Let amumu tank minions between the towers so the wave stops, enjoy free tower gold and early push so you can win at 15 minutes.

    Double Roaming with any kind of gankers / bruiser is fun too.
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    Whole team revive teleport (one can take smite to jungle if needed)

    Have pantheon
    twisted fate

    get people to lane or your jungler if you have it etc to do their normal bits. when level 6 hits and team fights really kick into gear if you lost a fight wipe up quickly and the entire team can revive teleport back into the fight. karthus can ulti from base TF and panth can man bomb the map! shen can be majestic and assist anyone. Sivir can push :P

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    All support teams are fun. Done 2 so far. 1st game I was Kayle, with a Janna top, Soraka Mid, Sona support and Taric jungle. Next time w eplayed I was Thresh top, and we had a Kayle AD, Karma support and Soraka mid. Didn't win the second one as we had no decent initiate.

    I've also had a team go all mid on me once. I cottoned o to its counter straight away though, and told everyone else to stay in lane and push hard. They got two turrets in mid, but we got one each in top and bottom, but they were very under leveled and missed out on a ton of farm. We didn't lose another turret and we won the game.

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    Taric and Jarvan in 1 lane is quite fun. Oh the CC and massive amounts of armor 1 can has, with massive burst once you're both 6.


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    Double Jungle Nocturne Pantheon
    Solo Bot Shen
    AP Ez Mid
    Ashe Top

    Globals all over the place.

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    support lulu, jungle alistar, mid orianna/zyra, top malph/wukong with a twitch adc.

    Bouncy Castle while twitch shreds them to pieces.

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    5 premades all picking a tanky champion going revive and teleport

    starting game with all top, taking turret on first minion wave..
    next mid and then we just tried to stay alive and push as much as possible with revive and teleport

    think they had about 70 kills in the end while we had 20

    we did win though

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