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    Have you ever meet an 'Ultra Newb'?

    Newb, by definition, a player who knows little about the game or how to play it in some aspects, and often requires help to figure it out.

    We've all meet newbs before, players who ask things that have become so massively obvious to us that it surprises us they have to ask it, but sometimes, once in a while, we meet a player who is such a massive newb, that it leaves it marks on your subconscious how.

    I meet such a player recently well on an archaeology dig run (yeah I was that bored), when flying down to the un'goro cretor, I flew down and saw a lv50 undead warrior running around well I dug, to which he came over to me, said Hi, and I gave him a friendly wave.

    What proceeded was the newbfest 2012. He asked me where i got my mount from, where can he get one, can i help him do quests because I'm much higher level, can I give him money because I'm higher level so must have lots, where can he get nice gear like I was wearing, how can he level faster, can I show him where to level next, can he add me to friends or real id because I was friendly, what spec should warrior be and whats more fun..

    This went on for 5 minutes until I was banging my head on the desk realizing either this guy was one massive newb or one massive troll, but I guessed the latter since he didn't have any heirloom hear on. I tried to answer some of his questions but he just kept popping more. Eventually, since I don't have the heart to ignore someone like this, I fake dced, and played on an alt until the moment passed.

    So, what has been your encounter with serious newbs in wow, ever meet any that made to ask 'how the hell did this person figure out how to play this game in the first place?'


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    well , not ingame but on many series where they show someone playing a game. In one episode of Dexter i saw him using the arrow keys while playing Halo on the Computer.

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    Almost everyone I saw leveling in vanilla (including myself) was the way this player is to some extent.

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    Lots and lots of them

    The most recent one was a 85 mage in str+sta gems oh and a guildie who linked the default warrior strike and mortal strike and asked which is better
    This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care

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    I saw a level 5 in whites earlier today. Pretty new if I say so myself but he never said a word to me.

    I've never really met an "ultra" noob, but I've met plenty of people new to the game at all levels of it. Some have been offended if I've offered advice, and some have become friends in my friends list because they asked questions or listened to me.

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    I leveled to 8, I think, during Classic with a Mage with only Fireball spam and doing zero quests. I used Fireball because I didn't know there were new spells. I didn't know quests and I sure as hell was frightened to leave the nice safe spot I was in to go out and adventure.

    When 4.0 dropped I had a 4 hour lecture for this poor guy in trade. I broke down what to do as a Retri Pala, gave him some addon ideas, spoke to him on skype and educated him. The scary part was this was about 2 weeks after the fact and he was at cap and this was his main. I love meeting uber noobs. Not because I am mean but because it makes me feel I can actually make a difference. When a noob asks for help they are usually open minded and doing scoff whatever you say. That and the whole not helping them out from the start makes me feel there is hope for others trying. I honestly hope he plays still and helped someone else. I really do.
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    Many, I often help them out with lots of advice, many even add me as a friend. I never, ever give out gold, but I will spend a lot of time teaching them easy ways to make it. I refuse to help anyone that does not ask politely or uses "plz" though, I am very particular about manners.

    I remember being a total newb myself, my first toon back in 2005, I was a warrior and wanted to be a damage dealer. So I took a sword and shield for extra protection, split my talent points between all 3 trees and went to join my first instance. I joined as DPS, but when I got in people asked if I was a tank, not knowing what a tank was I foolishly said yes. The first pull was horrible, I did not know what threat was, was taunting was, or even the job of the tank. I got abused to bad it almost made me quit the game.

    I wish somebody had spent 5 minutes being polite and teaching me the basics.
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    Ive met a few people who say "yeah I played wow" and in more conversation I find out they never got past like level 30ish, after 'a few months' of playing. One of them I got back into playing, she had to make a new account cause she forgot her old info and couldnt remember the login email it was tied to (I found it odd but w/e!) and as we're blowing through levels she's like "this game is a lot more fun with someone who knows what they're doing, I never even knew about talents or dungeons or avoiding getting hit (she was a mage) with frost nova! " etc etc it was kinda fun to show her and get her to enojy the game that much more.

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    Yeah... but never had problem trying to help them!

    Many times tho they act as if they know better and refuse to listen!
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    Don't know if this counts as noob.

    One day i was running around on the Wintergrasp Frostsaber (when it still was hard to get it, but after the first nerf) and a DK popped up.

    "where did u get that mount"
    "It's a long farm in northern Winterspring "
    "whats a farm"
    "A farm is when you focus on something very hard to obtain in order to get it."

    He stopped talking. After 30 minutes or so, he whispers me again:

    "where in wintergrasp"
    I looked him up and... he really was in Wintergrasp. This made me feel strange, because i realized he has never been in Kalimdor...
    "Not Wintergrasp, Winterspring!"

    It ended here. Not a "big newb" but the /facepalm i had was one of the most epic ever...

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    General rule of thumb: The less you know about a game (ie, googling your way through it), the more rewarding it is to play via self-discovery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    So, what has been your encounter with serious newbs in wow, ever meet any that made to ask 'how the hell did this person figure out how to play this game in the first place?'
    An 85 hunter doing Well of Eternity heroic. In melee, autoattacking... To this day I still wonder how he got the gear to queue for it in the first place...

    A ret pally tank in heroics.

    A prot warrior wearing int + spirit plate.

    I hated healing every single last one of them.
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    A newb is by definition short for newbie which is short for newbeginner.

    Noob however is a corrupted outcome of the word newb which at first was a mean/hurtful way to say newb but has later become a word meaning someone bad at- or has a bad understanding about something video game related.

    In its earliest day, it was spelled n00b, which was the corrupted misspelling of the word newb that later became noob and got it well known meaning that i told u right above.

    Contrary to popular belief, newb and noob do not mean the same thing although they have the same origin.

    ofcourse u might alrdy know this and actually mean to say that he was ultra new to the game, or you mean what i assume you mean which is that he is ultra bad and has a very bad understanding of the game.
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    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    One of my friends who'd never played ANY game on the PC before (aside from Solitaire) tried to play WoW. It was absolutely hilarious and he had about a billion questions, took about a month to get to level 20 then kept dying and rage quitting and he was still wearing mostly white/grey gear. I couldn't even get the concept of putting skills on his bar into him, he kept trying to auto attack everything (and he wasn't like, 6 years old, he was 25 at the time!). Most clueless guy of his generation on the PC I swear... but I suspect there are others out there like him.

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    I was an ultra Newb, wore leather hats as a paladin because I thought it was cool, at level 60 in vanilla I thought I could play ret. BC fixed me up.
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    All the time.
    Call me a care bear but if I come into contact with one I help them out, get them bags and all that crap.
    I used to not do that as much but I got into a REALLY good guild on my server, since then I noticed people do things like copy specs and ask how do do things because of the guild tag. It's made me more aware of the impact you can have on a smaller community.
    I never liked the image of the best geared just sitting there unhelpful, which is prob what formed my decision to actually help out when I can.
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    My friend who was a gamer, but never any game like WoW. everytime she leveled up she asked where to put skills.
    so i had to tell her and tell her, honestly it got frustrating! but okay friends~ so i gave her a link to WoWhead talent calc and asked her, if you were a healer ( wich she wanted to be ) where would you put your skills! and she filled it in on her own. surprisingly little mistakes. like 2 or 3 points. so i thought she could handle it from there
    but no she'd still ask me what and how every time ;<

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    I've met some legit newcomers every now and then. I tend to help them as much as I can.

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    All the time. I've given away purple world drops to noobs when they were worth shit loads, I always give people money when they ask and generally am quite a nice guy to most of them.

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    Met many in league of legends. You ping, they are blind. Ping again, blind again. Not warding, picking a non support on bottom and say he's no support while he chose to go bot.

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