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    What funny, newby things did you first do when you started WoW?

    The title says it all! Post a story you remember from when you first started your World of Warcraft experience.

    Personally I created a druid first, after a long time of my buddy needling me about playing... I mean, the idea of shifting forms! I could be a bear or a cat, or a walrus-thingy.
    I got to the old bear form quest in Darkshore where you summon lunaclaw, and died about 8 times in a row. I couldn't understand why I couldn't beat him... Until my friend pointed out that I was in agility gear in caster form meleeing, and I had heals I could use.


    Your turn!

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    I rolled a Night Elf Hunter.

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    Created a human warrior, ran straight outta the Abbey, died 5 times to cutthroats in Elwynn Forest, asked in /say what to do and wondered why no one would answer.
    Wore leather (as a warrior), lvl 17-40 items in Hellfire Peninsula at lvl 59 until someone pointed that out and laughed.

    Still, being a noob was the second most fun thing that happened to me, right after 10-man HM raiding in Wrath. I actually crafted myself a Phantom Blade (I think that's the name) that took me a looong time to get and I was very happy with it. Having to know the game inside out to be competitive in raiding ruins many other aspects of it, I'd say.
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    I never used traps, never really had my pet out, and used to melee on my hunter until about level 37. Then I learned from a higher level hunter how to play.
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    I leveled a warrior as prot.
    In vanilla
    Mostly solo
    While sinking obscene amounts of money into blacksmithing.

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    I don't really remember doing anything incredibly noobish, It wasn't my first MMO or anything so I had a pretty good idea of how everything worked. The most nooby thing i can remember was getting run through WC by a lvl 70 hunter (joined mid BC). I thought he was a total bad ass because he had cool looking armor. I don't know if he was or not, but I was impressed.

    I think it was S1 gladiator armor (the felreaver set)

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    I couldn't swim. For some reason, it never dawned on me how to go underwater. There were so many times this caused that quest in Darkshore that required you to go kill the murlocs underwater. I couldn't do it!

    Believe it or not, I survived Vanilla and the first year or so of BC without ever knowing how. I never bothered to ask until I got into an Underbog group, and couldn't figure out how to dive into the tube >.>

    As a rogue, being my first character, I stacked stamina. More survivability, woot! I even had the deep dive helm from engineering...I wore that all through raiding MC, BWL, AQ...I didn't replace it until the...hmm, can't recall the name, green quest helm from BC with three gem slots. Scout's Hood or something. And I ONLY did that because it had more stamina on it! Very briefly, I had more HP than our main raid tank. It was just silly. And nobody ever bothered to correct me on this, either.

    Thing is, WoW most definitely was not my first MMO. I have no idea why none of my knowledge of MMOs didn't carry over. UO, EQ, FFXI, etc before WoW, and I felt like an utter noob in this game.
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    I rolled an orc warrior because that was the default the interface went to (idk about now, but was like that back in tbc). I was so oblivious, and did not see any of the other races/classes. Went for a name I felt was really MEAN (Devilsson). Yeah, pretty lame... After a good while when I was around level 5 I went to the place in Durotar with the humans in the little castle. Shat my pants when I saw the humans, and promptly ran back to where I came from. I actually believed that was how big WoW was. Sort of miss the feeling of being new :-/

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    Fell off teldrassil and couldn't get back up. Deleted the character and had to relevel to lvl 5 again.

    Didn't realize you could buy new ranks on skills so I was running around at lvl 40 with rank 1 skills, wondered why the mobs were so hard to kill. Had managed to get to 40 because I had played with other players most of the time up until there and then started playing solo.

    Wiped a raid when I just got into raiding at onyxia because I was lagging, saw the whole raid run in on onyxia because of the lag making it appear as if their chars still were moving so I just ran after. When it stopped lagging i was standing right next to onyxia and everyone else just disappeared, I said "help?" on ventrilo then I died. People laughed at it afterwards.
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    I honestly have no idea.

    I do know, that back in the day 2005/2006, i was a melee warlock with my Felhunter. (firestones <3)

    Ahhh the good ol' days where i was just trotting around Desolace enslaving the demons.

    *trot trot trot* lol

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    Well, I was pretty new to PC gaming in general and played on a laptop at the time, so I didnt know how to zoom out, meaning I played for a full month in first person view on my first character. That was fun.

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    I used to the mouse way to much and got genked by murlocs who liked to pull a small army with them.

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    I melee'd as a hunter and thought the more armor the better so gray items often replaced greens. I did some other very very retarded things but I'd rather not talk about those.

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    I rolled Alliance.
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    I kept right clicking to attack, the faster I clicked, the faster I attacked.
    Then I realized Auto Attack.
    This is my main. I've had him for over 4 years.

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    I used to do quests one at a time. What the hell, man?
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    I remember my noob days fondly. I made an Undead Warlock (named "Deathsteak", for some reason). I frequently melee'd (I never got past level 20), and I remember my first group, we were doing a quest together, and I rolled need on a Malachite because it was green quality. OMGGREEN!

    How I miss my trusty imp, "Pizloz". Best demon name ever.

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    I played rogues. Rogues plural because I would do every quest in the starting zone, then couldn't figure out where to go. The furthest I made it was when I had an undead rogue. I was level 15 or so. I made it all the way to org! I had a human rogue on another server and my brother got me to IF. My computer was so bad it couldn't handle it, and I fell into that circular pit going around IF. I could not figure out how to get out, so I deleted the character.

    I quit when BC came out, and came back when wrath came out. I still have those old rogues on my account and I laugh so hard at them. with the int leather and spell power daggers (who knows what stat it was back then, though)

    Another thing I remember is dying a lot and having the little armor guy show up on the side of my screen with red and yellow armor. I had no idea what that meant. So now that I think of it, I assume I had broken gear the entire time.

    I remember having a horrible time in Elwynn killing ranged mobs. Rogues didn't have stealth at low levels and the ranged mobs would just kill me before I could even attack. I came up with elaborate plans to use a throwing weapon, which I had purchased from a vendor, to tag the mob and then LOS it. I pretty much thought I invented LOS.

    Also, I did not use poisons because I didn't understand the purpose of them or how to make them.

    When I came back for wrath, I was once again a bad rogue, but not quite as bad. I learned about dungeons and would form groups with people. I had no clue what tanking was and was intrigued by these people. I remember being in ZF and the tank had marked skull/x and I was attacking who knows what, but they were like "are you new..." and I was like "yes why?" "skull means attack that first" and I was like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" like it was the biggest moment of clarity ever lol

    oh and in vanilla, I am 100% sure I never ran back to my body, I always spirit rezzed

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    This thread is awesome. I made my mage as my second toon back in classic after being convinced by friends to get the game. I then proceeded to solo to 60 because they couldn't be bothered to help me out being 60 already and raiding ZG and BWL. I never quested because I hated them so much so I pretty much grinded my way to 60 pulling mass amounts of mobs and aoe'ing them down as frost.
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    Being a level 40 BE Hunter in full SM gear beating a human warrior in world pvp 1 on 1 in MELEE combat around the start of BC

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