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    oh wow......those cloud serpent will look freaking awsome after finishing my t14 meta achievements

    sooo many mounts.....gotta get em ALL in oceanic now Lol

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    In a game that has 150 mounts, give people 60 more mounts and see them go OMFG SO EXCITUUD!

    So easy to keep pedestrians happy.

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    Excellent guide! Thank-you for all this information.

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    Nice guide!

    Really looking forward for those JC crafting panthers.

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    I think the price on these mounts is pretty hefty when compared to mounts in the past.. 10kg for a achievement mount? that seems drastic. I get gold sinks but achievement mounts should be freezors
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    Ya but keep in mind there will be a lot more money coming in too. Dailies are up to 20g each and getting exalted with everything (to get access to the mounts) will require a lot of those. Plus there's the normal questing to 90 that gives a bunch of money too.

    And then there's account-wide achievements for getting 5 different classes to 90 so there's some more cash. It shouldn't be too bad

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    Very nice work on the list. Thanks!
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    Great thread! I rly hope someone does the same for companion pets =)

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    Wow great thread! I have a feeling I'm gonna be referencing this a lot. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masternewt View Post
    In a game that has 150 mounts, give people 60 more mounts and see them go OMFG SO EXCITUUD!

    So easy to keep pedestrians happy.
    Someone mad? I personally really enjoy all my mounts and pets, and I still raid and do achievements as well.

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    so no more mounts from 5man bosses like Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle?

    Thanks solo farmers for ruining it for the rest of us....
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    Thanks for the guide, Oratory *bookmarked*

    I'm just wondering about the new JC & Engineer mounts, do we need a specific profession skills to ride / learn the mount?
    and about the reagent the new gold sink in MoP

    Quote: This costs 20,000g (18,000 with guild perk)

    ^ is this final?

    smh look at the engineer rocket mount mats, the final price is gonna be ridiculous :\ I really hope that Blizzard has fixed the duping issue by the Sep 25th, I keep hearing about it in the forum, idk if they're real or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number1gentleman View Post
    I'm just wondering about the new JC & Engineer mounts, do we need a specific profession skills to ride / learn the mount?
    They are technically shared but you can't ride if you don't have the profession.
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    Wondering if a engy can have both engy mounts.....I am gnomish engy but have a guild mate that is goblin ...wonder if he can make me goblin one and I can use it....and visa verse to him....and I see the its more mats for the goblin one to make then gnomish rocket.

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    The crafted mounts have no restrictions, they are like Mekgineer's Chopper or Sandstone Drake - not Flying Carpets or Flying Machines.

    So they can be used by anyone regardless of your professions.

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    Thanks a lot for this guide! Well written and very clear. Bookmarking this for future ref!

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    Over 500,000G to get them all.
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    Too many mounts.
    <- Not enough Gold.
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    Every time I play MOP and ride one of my Yak's I get asked a LOT how do you get the Grand Expedition Yak mount? How much is it? Where is there vendor etc... So I made a little guide with map and how to get there and how much it costs. You can find it here :

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