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    MoP Companion Guide

    Also see my MoP Mount Guide.

    I'm not including wild pets in this guide as there are already others that do a fine job. This is for pets obtained outside the pet battle system - there are surprisingly few.

    Mists of Pandaria Companion Pet Guide






    Achievements & Quests(ish)
    Several achievements reward pets upon completion. They will arrive in the mail as soon as the achievement is awarded.

    Enemy Drops

    • Aqua Strider drops from Nalash Verdantis, a rare mob in Dread Wastes.
    • Darkmoon Rabbit drops from Darkmoon Rabbit, a boss mob in a cave just outside the Darkmoon Faire.
      • Killing the rabbit also awards the achievement That Rabbit's Dynamite!
      • How to actually kill him is still unknown. He has 75 million HP and applies a DoT that deals 25% of your max HP per second and reduces healing by 100%. Pets (hunter/warlock) don't get the debuff and can very slowly wittle him down if the player doesn't attack him. Indalamar's Holy Hand Grenade is expected to be involved with this rabbit but no source has been found.

    You can obtain 18 pets by this point.


    • Lucky Quilen Cub comes with the Digital Deluxe Edition or Collectors Edition of Mists of Pandaria.
    • Baneling comes with the Collectors Edition of Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm

    The following pets have been datamined but have no known source. They may end up not being available at all. Or they may be lost and should be wild pets.

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    Each race learns a different companion from the battle pet trainer.

    Draenei - Blue Moth
    Dwarf - Snowshoe Rabbit
    Gnome - Snowshoe Rabbit
    Human - Orange Tabby Cat
    Night Elf - Great Horned Owl
    Worgen - Gilnean Raven
    Blood Elf - Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
    Goblin - Shore Crawler
    Orc - Black Kingsnake
    Tauren - Brown Prairie Dog
    Troll - Black Kingsnake
    Undead - Undercity Cockroach
    Pandaren - Jade Crane Chick

    Imbued Jade Fragment drops off of a rarespawn, Karr the Darkener.

    No idea about the Pandaren Water Spirit though. If I had to guess, it comes from a questline/lore achievment.

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    thanks for the awesome work. Again !

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